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  1. They failed because they are in it themselves. Like US stopped Communist USSR because they wanted to stop them. They banned that ideology, banned movies and actors who were
    sympathizer of had soft views on USSR, banned hippie culture linking it to communist. And now they can do do same with China because American rich people don't want that.
    Same with Narco-Terrorism. It is some use to USA unlike communist USSR. USA can do anything if they see no benefit and danger

  2. I remember Bush calling my country a narco state and then asking our government for military assistance in Afghanistan. I also remember a British general angry about US policy to leave the Afghan poppy fields alone, drugs the Afghans sold for weapons to kill Americans.
    More recently I remember Trump failing to stop drugs at the Mexican border. I remember Trump himself snorting mountains of cocaine since the seventies. Apparently that’s why he has no control over his anal muscles and would sh*t all over the floor if it wasn’t for his maxi diapers. Maybe it’s no coincidence a closed border wall never materialized. Nobody questioned why the wall became a fence.with bars narrow enough to block Mexicans from entering but just wide enough to fit a brick of cocaine 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not a single American hasn’t heard their President sniffing and grunting like a pig looking for truffles and we all watched him acting all high & mighty blabbering absurd, moronic ideas thinking he’s King of Mount Cleverest. I remember Don jr’s coked up rants and his screeching banshee wife promising ‘the best was yet to come’ but it probably won’t be anytime soon as daddy dearest now had a change of heart and suddenly wants all drug dealers executed. However, a few days later he’s snorting his way through interviews again like a bloodhound after smelling a red herring .
    America’s war on drugs? Sorry but imo there’s no such thing. Half an effort is as good as no effort at all. And judging by Madison Cawthorn and plenty other key bumping Republicans most lawmakers don’t really give a flying duck 🤷🏻‍♀️ Best stick to the decades old cliche…
    Just say NO if you can’t handle your sh*t or get a diaper 😆

  3. This is what happens when you don't legalize every drug. Legalize it all, government makes the supply, meanwhile these violent idiots lose all their power because they have no money. That is how you win.

  4. The war on drugs is so astonishingly senseless, so abundantly misrepresented, abusive and counter productive it defies description. Legalize "everything". The pros vs the cons are virtually 100-0.

  5. What this double standard? when any event get succeed name of that man like🤣Obama did it very well 🤣 when any event failed goes with country name like USA failed in countring drugs 🤣 market 🤣 strategical🤣 attacks 🤣

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