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  1. ppl want a black or white answer but the answer is the same for everything it depends, dmt is amazing but not for everyone or even depending on your mood and u need a sober watcher, dmt isnt good or bad

  2. Haha Dr Whatever the f***. A Master Degree from Nonsense University. It's always entertaining to see how helpless people are. Once was LSD, then K, now this, and tomorrow liquid Ciff 😂

  3. Ahhh yes. Once again humans are driving an animal to extinction for their own personal gain. We wonder why the earth is in shambles. Look at how we treat it and our fellow inhabitants. Humans are selfish and greedy creatures 😞

  4. Well, this was quite moderate… I remember the old video on the spanish doctor who used to smoke rock and then quit, he said, tnx to toad venom and was selling it to tourists… this video is more educating

  5. 25:38 i know some people that already had mental issues but took drugs anyway. Then claim the drugs ruined them. Which they probably did ruin there brain. But there’s so many people that do this then end up on the news giving it a bad rep. If it were legalized nd doctors actually educated you there probably would be less sketchy incidents. People currently buy these drugs off random non trustworthy dealers. You could have research chemicals nd not know it. Then most people go do these drugs unsupervised lmaoo

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