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  1. The amount of people who feel the need to hate on the creators of this business is mind-blowing to me. People hate on other people because they are hurting inside. These are successful women. What they do in their personal life isn't your business. You don't need to comment on it. This isn't about them, it's about their business and their message, which is beautiful and inclusive. Maybe those of you that feel the need to spew hate should open your ears to hear them.

  2. If you told me it was crab cakes and you didn't use crab I would sue for not only false advisement but because the stuff used to make those dishes to taste like meat is not good for you and that to me is poisoning my body so you get body damage sute as well

  3. Thanks Munchies, you usually share fast food videos so comment section might be salty this time without even listening to lady on video. Whereas (Kî) She is very right in what she says.

    I hope and believe they also have many dishes other than "meat looking and tasting" food

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