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  1. Why is it that on TCAP as long as these guys have intent and show up they can go to jail and be prosecuted. But the second the police ain't getting all the credit there's nothing they can do. How convenient for them.

  2. I wish my Father could see this 😔
    He was abused at a Catholic Orphanage by nuns physically
    By Priest or priests
    These examples of Gods wonder
    Sexually abused my father destroyed him
    Totally messed him up
    He died alone 57yrs old suicide 😢

  3. You guys are heroes. You are doing a great job, and you need more suppoters and donations. The police aren't doing enough. You keep going. Find ways to get these vermin saely. Stay safe, may God bless you abundantly and may all the predatorial evil cockroaches be exposed and stopped.

  4. I hope this is a deterrent but I suppose all at the end of the day … Why not hire these guys?… HELP them do it RIGHT?.. they have the right idea, it's not wrong to get paid to want to make the world a safer place. Love is the law and kindness is key, that's all I know you guys 🩺🩺🩺🩺🩺

  5. seems odd that law enforcement would discourage this stuff until you think back on all the times cops have been caught doing heinous acts even while on duty, and sometimes more than one cop is involved…………………..

  6. Keep going ! Your doing great work man. It would be great to collab with officers on this though which could lead to arrests and legal action on top of public exposure, but don't wait for them. As you said, the justice system tends to wait until the actual crime is committed, at which point, it'll already be too late.

  7. What makes me angry is that there are A LOT of stupid people out there saying, some of these guys got 'baited' by them.. If you are not a pedophile, you'll NEVER get caught with having inappropriate relationships with minors.. Period! It's not fucking rocket science..

  8. what did this father from DAP do to stop his daughter from being molested in the first place? does what he do now keep his daughter safer? or does he still drop his daughter off at random family members houses in order to film these

  9. These supposed “good guys” are just projecting, they have unhealthy fantasies of pretending to be kids and sexting with other perverts online, checking their devices and you will almost certainly find child porn, those who shout the loudest always have something they are hiding

  10. I asked Josh "why dosn't he just do this for free its a bit of a cop out to earn money off of it". He replied that it is his job and his living. so what ever you want to take from that.

  11. I support them.. Bringing awareness to people that SHOULD be in jail… The police do the same thing, lure grown men into meeting up with children by posing as children online and in chatrooms.. The police can't catch em all.. As far as online cases go, parents need to limit the time their kids spend online or whatever.. But when it's in the family or whatever.. That's a whole nother level of predatory.. However, these guys taking it into their own hands to physically assault and fight these guys after luring them to locations they have setup, that's not justice… They almost negate the work they do when they just assault these guys and instigate fights and what-not.. and it sure as hell doesn't erase the past or any anger/resentments you may hold.

  12. Why does anyone care about why they're doing it? Who cares if they just want to make money and get subscribers. I don't see how that diminishes the work that they do. It would actually give them even more incentive to expose these people.

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