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  1. Well, this dude's crotch again. What happened, cleopatra, this guy's crotch again from the same side of the planet again again soon as it gets into the building, what happens, it's crotch and then what happens and needs a kid's toy, and then what happens

  2. Theres three types of dirt bags i vibe with in this life , old school punk rockers, construction worker's, and skate boarders…..complete fucking degenerates, salt of the earth. They are the hippie movement that wasnt co-opted by the cia and mkultra.

  3. this is a great example of why the skate industry is such trash and why you should do all you can to keep your kids away from it. the shitbags that run the industry took a children's toy and transformed it into a lifestyle of self harm.if you're in your thirties and your goal is mastering some trick then you're are a grade A loser.

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