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  1. I paid less for weed in ghana, unless you dont count weed which I aoso support but just claiming its the cheapest is probably bullshit. You know what people in russia take?
    Columbia? Venezuela? 30 cents is more than you think depending on the location

  2. Bullshit. Not even close to the world's cheapest drug, not even at its place of origin. I ordered 50 grams of 25i-nbome for about $1100. At 1mg/hit, which is about a 7 hour trip, it cost about 2 cents per dose. And that was drop shipped by a middleman, meaning it was likely 1 cent per dose from the supplier and a fraction of that for the chemist to produce. Stop ignoring research chemicals Vice..

  3. This should be used for good use like people who get altitude sickness and who suffer from allergies like me. The first time I went to Peru I was suffering from altitude sickness and I also have allergies. I wasn't feeling good the first time I went up to the Peruvian mountains and a long came a guy and gave me some yellow taffee and then all of the sudden I was feeling much better. I had asked my husband where did that guy go? but he said he was a coyote doctor they disappear so I said I just wanted to thank him for making me feel better. I think the taffy had a little bit of cocaine in it. But it did make my altitude sickness go away and without any problems. Because I was born with a hole in my heart.

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