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  1. Your STEADLY AND BEST Professional advice when it comes to Parenting All Sorts of Our Beloved Pets ARE IMMENSELY Appreciated… taking in consideration Your Professional Background…and the RESPECT AND LOVE You have always shown to All Animals….were UNFORTUNATELY MOST Greedy Heartless Untrusted Veterinarians OUT THERE… have been SHOWING TOTALLY LACK OF **Real Necessary Knowledge when it comes to keep PRESCRIBING ALL SORTS OF **Those Deadliest PROVEN Digs & Cats DEADLIEST VACCINES & All other Ticks and Dewormer Most PROVEN Deadliest and definitely Harmful Dogs and Cats Prescription Untrusted Medications đŸ†˜â€ŒïžđŸ™ŒđŸ‘ș
    Thank You Dr. Jones for Helping All our Best Innocent Best Friends (Our Best Companionship by being able to SAVE & PREVENT all Sorts of totally avoidable Dogs & Cats most Common preventable Illnesses by avoiding to pay All those ABUSIVELY Cost on Those average Sadistics Veterinarian out there.
    Thank You For helping to keep SAFE OUR BELOVED ** 4 Legged Best Friends **

  2. Question about melatonin: I've used it for many years now (on myself) and 5mg knocks me out and I am groggy the next day (even 3mg is strong). Wouldn't 1mg for every 10lbs be too strong for a dog, especially a small dog, if it can have that strong an affect on humans?
    Always wondered this for animals.
    Great suggestions. Thank you, Dr. Jones.

  3. The whole diarrhea thing reminds me of human patients that have had cancer historically (even cured after 30 years): "you had cancer once in your life so you can't have bioidentical hormones- even though your life sucks". What's the answer/help if your dog has white feet? Thanks AGAIN ❀❀❀❀

  4. Dr. A I know you never seem to answer question or if you even read comments but I hope you or someone on your team will and help. My 15 y/o dog is having seizures.They are very draining for him, very draining for my emotions and asthma. I give him the anal injection as soon as the seizure begins, but can I give him the panacur? He doesn't have cancer and we don't know if he has a brain tumor, he's too old and unhealthy (Cushing's) to be put under but when he walks he leans to the left. He loves to eat and is quite aware of his surroundings, he has nice formed stools no blood, no blood in urine. I'm just thinking the panacur might give him a boost, maybe some comfort. Maybe if you say it wouldn't hurt to try it I can ask the vet to give it to him. Please help this desperate dog mom.

  5. I wanted to thank you for all of the excellent advice that you have given us on how to care for our pets. It is a god send for anyone who has seen the bills that most vets hand us. You helped me to care for my sick kitty and calmed my fears. THANK YOU😇

  6. Once again an extraordinarily fabulous video. Dr Jones, I have spent 450 pounds this week on three desperate visits to my vet, as my dog chokes when she falls asleep. (They can't help my chihuahua but they did refer her) She has a collapsed soft palate. Is there anything I can help her with. Her sleep apnoea is so distressing and she is sleep deprived. She has an enlarged heart. They referred her elsewhere for surgery at ÂŁ675 for 45 minutes consultation with a cost of up to 10.000 for investigative tests. We do not have insurance and I have declined. Any suggestions would be so gratefully received. Thank you.

  7. Doc., i have a question about seasonal itching.
    I am a bit apprehensive about giving my 4yr old belgian tervuren allergy meds for her itching because of the cold weather.
    I had her tested for the MDR1 issue and she is fine. I have been giving her salmon oil and there's not much difference except she gets the runs.
    She is very sensitive to the cold. Will the allergy meds be appropriate or something else? She is pretty miserable but still her normal self as far as eating playing and the like.

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