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  1. Be VERY CAREFUL because those Scalers are extremely sharp and if the dog moves/wiggles then you have slice and an emergency vet visit. Hygienist speaking here of 20 yrs.
    Use tooth brush faithfully to remove plaque but tartar best leave it to trained veterinarian/technician. ❤😊

  2. My dogs fidget & fight-it so much even when I try to brush, that I could never see well enough to do that. The last 10 years I'm a person who hasn't been able to afford proper dental care even for myself, & one dental tool I think might help my dogs is a water pick. I say that because I have actually babysat my own toothaches for years at a time & waterpik filled with diluted listerine was amazingly helpful & that's the tool that could be effectively aimed even when a dog is fidgeting. I haven't tried it yet, though. Also I read on google that the clorhexidone you told us about could be diluted & used in a dog's mouth. … I don't know if any of this is true or useful, but am planning on getting a battery operated water pick, because can't even brush my dog's teeth properly because they fight it so much. I constantly worry about my dog's teeth. ANYWAYS thank you so much for all these videos, YOU got us thru kennel cough without having to go to the vet.

  3. OMGosh. Good luck to me trying to do this with my 4-month old Mini Pin. He fights me just putting on his leash! The only time I can do anything with his body is when he's falling asleep. I guess that's when I will brush his teeth with the finger toothbrush. Thank you Dr. Jones.

  4. My aunt is a dog groomer and she removes hardened plaque with tweezers. She gets one part under the plaque (or whatever that yellow stuff is) and twists it until it breaks off. It’s too wild for me but she did it with one of my dogs once and the tooth was white underneath.

  5. … Just used one on my GSDs back teeth from the outside. They look white again.
    Now wondering how to do it on his teeth inside of his mouth.
    Trying to teach him to hold a ball so I had a chance to do it.
    Anyone has got a better idea? Sharing is caring …

  6. Dr. ANDREW where can you pick up one of these dental pics that you use in the video… By the way I am a huge fan and I will do anything for my four female German shepherds, I have two that are four years old and I have two that are two years old… They are the smartest and most beautiful dogs you’ll ever see. I love them with all my heart.❤ thank you for everything you do you are so appreciated around the world… and I for one and one of your biggest fans… You’re a good soul🐕🐕🐕🐕 And my fantastic4 thank you from the bottom of their hearts…

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