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  1. FOLLOW UP VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iQqUyy5pn0
    I wont be responding to comments on this video anymore, only to those on the follow up video.

    Definitely could've worded myself a bit better in this video, and I did also make a couple mistakes.
    I think some people here seem to be missing the point that this video is just me talking about my initial thoughts on the Vice video… It's nothing more than that….

    A big point to make is that this video is not me saying that this entire thing is completely fake. It's me saying why i don't think it's true in the way they put it across.

    Also quite a few people here that have been taking my words fully out of context / misunderstanding them.

    It's happened a lot with people saying "why did he even mention that it doesn't change how the weed looks"

    When people buy weed from someone for the first time (and for most people, every time they buy from anyone) you justify the price based on how the weed looks.
    The point I was making is that if people are looking at this shit cbd weed, and you can tell them it's THC for them to buy it, then why put synthetics on it?
    Why lose profits when you've already sold the weed. To then lose customers. You would keep more customers if they smoked the weed and felt CBD effects, than you would if they felt synthetic effects, as it feels horrible.
    So the only people who would buy again in both cases would be people who have not smoked before / don't know much about weed.
    And yes, in that situation looking to get someone addicted could be a possibility. You would have to be crazy to think that normal weed smokers who know what they're doing / in a cannabis community are going to come anywhere near this stuff.

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  2. You don't pay 200 for a zed in the last few years and sell it normal prices mate you getting atleast 30 a 3.5 atleast at 2 a zed. Unless you made this video in 2008 😂
    And contaminated bud is actually a thing brother. In a lot of country's. I know you made this last year or so but this still applies. No one buys spice any more so think about it, there's only one other way to shift it. Not saying I agree with it cuz I don't at all.

  3. You are so hilarious. I’m a stoner and I understand you are trying to defend weed because u think these documentaries are made to scare stoners. I’m from Canada and I live in Germany. They have these big telegram groups literally run by mafia. I’ve smoked it before and holy shit it’s disgusting weed. Super weird feeling when you smoke, smells nasty when you burn it too. Yesss there is home grown weed you can buy from friends or a plug (what I do). But the Telegram weed channels are a real thing here. 10000% fake weed

  4. wait wait wait wait? How would you know if it’s fake???? Literally I live in Berlin and the shit these dealers sell is fucking scary, I’ve smoked it myself. Smells funny, tastes funny, anxiety high. It’s super bold of you to assume :))))

  5. just stumbled up on this guy … and clearly he knows nothing about pricing and business side of cannabis .. but still gets so frustrated. kindergarten .arrogance on thing he is talking about not knowing about the details is huge….

  6. You missed a central point the dealer made. It's not the middle men doing it, it's growers growing a cheap product and adulterating it with a cheap contaminant to sell it as a premium product. It obviously costs a lot more to grow a premium product (time, energy, labor, water, fertilizer etc) than a sub-par product. It's not the middle-man buying weed and buying contaminant to make less profit. It does make sense if you actually followed the logical argument being made, which you didn't; it does happen and you're just wrong. You should take this video down because you're doing a dis-service to anyone who may be affected by this and wasn't aware till they saw the vice video.

  7. Bro u are fake tho 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. i respectfully wish to disaggree, i have smoked weed for 40 yrs & believe whole heartedly in the valid truths documented, Firstly sir ,you are thinking too small – A kilo costs £2500, The chineese SPICE fake cannabloids are highly addictive & te weed pucker strong. You very quickly get a taste & prefferance for that strain. Unfortunatly over time it sends yr head west, Reallly miserable depressed hopeless & apathetic, So you smoke more weed ! Tis has affected me & mine. The shake is even made into pollen, which is just as addictive. Only thing to be done is switch to organic weed & CBD weed,

  9. its not fake!! wdym!!! I smoke weed and i always have depersonalisation after i smoke contaminated weed and you cann feel if its contaminated because your high is way more psychidelic than normal weed!! AND you dont live in GERMANY wtf… AND most people dont know that its synthetic they just want to have a STRONGER high nad artifical is STRONGER. and the argument that it costs more if you spray it is just wrong BECAUSE YOUR BUYING SHITTY WEED OR EVEN CBD WHICH COSTS LESSSSSSSSSSS. And the guy in the video is a real drug dealer and is now in jail so he knows whats going on

  10. most of the "weed" now in the US is Hemp sprayed with a cut down thc dissolute …..they take hemp, use ethanoyl to cut the dissolute down into a spraytable form, lay the hemp out, coat it and turn it into huge profit and nobody at first glance (including myself) can really tell the difference. I remember 20+ years ago when my friends would grow a couple pounds worth in the mountains and we would smoke off that most of the year…the high was pleasant and you could smoke as much as you want and be ok…now i have quit. It seems no matter who i buy from now (laugh if you want) the high i get from this stuff now is nothing like what it used to be and usually is not very pleasant. The visual appearance and price i can get it for is just way too good to be true. Most of what you are buying is not true, pure and untouched. Just my opinion.

  11. Your inability to come to us with the facts shows your level of ignorance. You probably don’t even sell it and even if you do, there is a high possibility you buy from other suppliers who contaminate their weed. Having been a person who has spoken to people deep into the business, made learn how to test if weed is pure or not. You can literally see contaminated weed when you know how to test it. I bet you don’t even know how to because if you did you would see the FACT not spread assumptions. So stop sending misleading information to people who actually look up to you. Weed needs to be homegrown if you don’t know how to differentiate what’s pure and what’s contaminated. What you’re doing with your platform, in terms of this video, is dangerous.

  12. Your logic is off, heroin dealers , sell junk cut with fentynal and their customers die on the regular. Stuff in the USA in non legal states are being sprayed with either delta 8 or some other chemicals on the black market. Never underestimate pure greed

  13. Pretty late but its real. Just misleadk g and inccurate. There is contaminated weed, but not as much ad the guy in the videos is saying. Those chems are for example called ADB-Fubinaca, AB-Chminaca, 5F-MDMB-Binaca and so on. There are 170+ sythetic cannabinoids and some are more than 100 tkmes stronger than thc.
    And getting medical cannabis in germany is extremely difficult. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Wtf is so hard to believe?^^

  14. You are way wrong. They spray it with all kinds of crap like bug spray or dip it into chemicals to get people higher. You don’t get high like this from natural weed that grows naturally under the sun. Do not listen to this pot head, almost all weed you buy on the street is laced or dipped or sprayed with something. The medical marijuana weed might be clean because it’s tested by the government before they allow it to be sold or prescribed to patients. Dude stop smoking weed because it’s making your judgment cloudy.

  15. I agree to a certain extent with what you say but there are some issues with your logic. A half decent dealer wont be paying 200 on a Z/ they'll be buying bulk and paying 150 and much less in some cases. It's perfectly plausible that someone will buy the deadest weed in bulk for 100 a z and then spray with a diluted solution of synthetic cannabinoids to make it strong enough. At the end of the day most people smoking bud from the street are probably teenagers and young adults who wouldnt know any better anyway and theyre just trying to get fucked up which it will do. Whether it happens or not only the people doing it will know! It is much more likely that SC's are used in edibles because they are easy, quicker to make, undetectable and ridiculously cheaper.

  16. Bro this shit legit happens bare in places where cannabis is illegal, you dumb if you legit think this isn't a problem, gangs are running this shit particually in the UK where it is not regulated. You also smoke tobacco with your weed and your talking about addiction are you actually dumb blud ? Gangs been mixing chemicals with weed even in UK for years bro you clearly do know anything at all and saying this isn't a problem is actually dangerous for your followers. I own 3 coffeeshops in Amsterdam and it is obvious when I come back to the UK that the bud here is lacking majorly, gangs spray buds with chemicals which is why half the stuff on the street here is wet and smells disgusting…. bro litterly everyone out here scamming people (UK) and your saying people spend 200 on an ounce and spray it no they don't are you playing stupid or summit, they spend £80 on an ounce of shit weed spray kt with chemicals and synthetic cannabiondis and then call it stardawg and sell it for the same price as regular weed. You clearly aren't that educated based off the info you've said in this videos is very inaccurate and unfair and also who are you to tell people this info when you are clearly lacking so much knowledge.
    Anyone reading this please stay away from any thing that is grown on streets you are better growing a plant your self, u will immediately see the diffeenrce between street buds and homegrown and those so called dealers are scamming you endlessly and getting you hooked on chemicals. They are insulting the plant and they have no respect for its medical properties. Stay safe folks. 🙏

  17. nice video the media is lies i lived in germany and the weed was good ive just moved recently back to uk but not in my home town lc i live in surbiton kingston upon thames south west ldn

  18. Hi mate there said most of the weed in the UK is this toxic weed that a load of shit to start with UK grow more than amount there r exporting that's what we thought about that as well it's 100%fake

  19. this is more fake video….. I live in Almeria , a city in Spain where we grow so much industrial hemp, aka cbd, and i know people who spray synth cannabinoids for convert it into "fake weed" and almost all flowers are exported to NL and Germany, so please think before talk

  20. synthetic weed is a big problem in germany and swiss too they buy cheap cbd (legal) and just spray it with synthetic thc you can get some very bad symptoms of that shit
    like tunnelvision or throwing up

  21. In Italy i unluckily found this shit… I smoke weed since 10 years but this is 50X times stronger. Highly not recommend, i saw one friend of mine being so sick nearly to ☠️ death.
    Actually they sell it as normal weed (from the outside is a bit darker but you can't find difference from real weed the first times). The only thing is the smell, so weird.
    So yes this is definitely sprayed CBD or Albanian weed with that shit of Chinese synthetic cannabinoids.
    Stay away from it. If you smoke 2 hits and gets SO HIGH trow it away, the worst thing is that is spreading so fast all around Europe.
    Cheers from Italy

  22. Going off that you didn’t bring any actual evidence this is fake and just made up hypothetical numbers, and comments are saying this is a real problem, I’m gonna believe it’s real.
    The scale they were doing it on in the video is much more than one ounce, therefore the prices will not be the same. The people who are spraying weed sell in pounds of weed, not ounces. The dealers they sell to may not even know but still make a profit on their portions.

  23. I did not believe this until last week. i got some weed, lookin pretty good. BUT it was wayyy to strong. And the taste was a little bit off. So I got a test kit. And nearly everything in my location was is sprayed with noids.

    I’m still able to find some good weed altough its hard to find and expensive.

    Greetings from Germany

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