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  1. Yessssss love what her and Will are doing as it's sub and his entourage that got me excited to grow cannabis and grow monster outdoor and fall in love with the Terps . Appreciate you all in that orbit and see ya one day when our strains are battling it out 👊🏽💨

  2. Hey ,🤗

    Du bist zu hübsch um an Hunger zu sterben.
    Hau mal ordendlich was in deinen Magen rein .

    Ich wünsch dir viel Krafft und Gottes Segen .
    Du machst einen guten Job !
    With best regards from Germany
    Jsus is a HEALER !
    DEAL ?

  3. Thank you guys for keeping Sub relevant. I stumbled upon his videos back in '05. Disabled Veteran in an outlaw state keeping myself and others off VA medicines. Had I known his time was so short I would have manned up and reached out to him. I've reached out to many a breeder. They act like premadonnas. More like cash rules everything around me. Sub was genuine. He took time for veterans. Thank you guys for keeping his spirit alive. Weed Nerd 4 Life. South Cackalacky.

  4. you guys are living the dream I'm 42 and have smoked and grown since 14 currently I'm a med card holder and grow in a tent I've had some bangers last few runs with Star killer strain! Keep up the good work you guys are a inspiration to me….your living my dream job! Much love guys and happy growing….I gotta try some of your strain 100% 👊

  5. Rip subcool , weed nerd 4 life !!! I personally purchased seeds from sub ( qrazytrain, and cheesequake) , I have his entire catalog of breeding he did with norstar genetics !!!!

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