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  1. Excellent ty , i asked you a question or 4 a few weeks ago then ext u were asking for money , i never responded as i thought that's not yourself, thankfully my intuition is bang on , Blessings

  2. After all you do for us and the animals that make our lives well lived, I'm sad and a little angry that anyone would take advantage of your position in the public eye and of your kindness. I started following you after stumbling across one of your videos and I've already learned more about the best ways to care for my dog since she rescued me 7 yrs ago. Thank you for all you do!

  3. I'm a hobby breeder from Michigan and I found out that someone from Nigeria stealing my Instagram pictures,using my name ,and also having fb account under my name and asking ppl to send them money for puppies. I asked fb n Instagram to delete it,but they replied to me that itsNo violation… pathetic

  4. I'm so sorry you're gone through this. I think people are so jealous and insecure and have nothing else to do but ruin other people's lives take advantage of people. It's very sad how the world is. God bless you. DOC thank you for helping so many people with their babies

  5. Omg. I just ordered your vitamin supplement for my dog. She has visual degeneration. And the use of a credit card. I just trusted to you and I should know in a few days. Thank you I’m Southern California.

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