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  1. did you know, popular mechanics and other popular magazines published articles stating hemp and cannabis will be the 20th century billion crop (they couldn't fathom the trillions in debt) in the late 1800s early 1900s.

  2. Dude I live in Colorado and I did this test thing or social experiment: I asked all of my teachers and 4/6 said they have smoked weed and don't think it should be illegal. Good results I guess XD

  3. Here in Vegas its getting legalized, slowly, but surely….Like you said, peoples' minds and thoughts are changing, and all are realizing that cannabis helps whether you intake, or smoke it, or use cbd infused lipbalm, lotion, tincture or whatever the case may be. Cheers josh!

  4. I read something a couple days ago about being able to get your weed back from the police in dc.
    It was on normls website I believe. Check it out.


    Cheers yo

  5. Hi fellow stoners
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