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  1. Y’all broke asf, if I got gas we smoking it, if my homie got gas or other dudes got gas we smoke that to, like that whole “match” shit sound broke asf like pull up and we all smoking and passing like 6 different blunts around if you don’t got weed then that cool y’all to broke to smoke a nigga out. Maybe next week a different nigga smoke you out so the next time you smoke out like it’s just weed y’all act like it’s a rarity

  2. Bruh that’s all my 5 homies they never have anything to match me with I spend like 130$ lasts me two months but when my homies wanna smoke shit lasts 1 month but to be fair it’s still a vibe getting high with my bros

  3. My dumbass used to be the one always smoking out his homie(s). I lived in a town of 1400 people and very few people my own age lived close(2-3). Anyways i had this one friend who also liked to smoke, I would always invite him over freshman and sophomore year of highschool and usually smoke about a gram per session and watch South park. Later on down the line months later I ran out of weed while he was up be dude was trying to charge like $15 a gram and I was like fck that. Oh well, no use in crying over spilt milk. Lesson learned. 😅

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