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  1. I have such conflicting opinions about this girl, she had so much abuse and trauma when she was young and totally understands that is why she craves these fetish ppl who send her so many nice comments but also is totally clued up on how she is hurting her health with all this eating due to being type 2 diabetic….. I really hope she can see the light and stop what she is doing, start eating well and doing exercise because if she doesnt she will regret it when they whip off her legs and she will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life with no option to change then.

  2. I just showed Vice to the father of my girlfriend, and this video appeared. Tbh, I felt ashamed this stuff comes out. Why not creating content of David Goggins or people who really motivate healthy lifestyles.

  3. Sorry but his is semeaning and sad. I hope you all know people are out and about…back to work, school, studying, going to events, playing sports, hanging with their families and friends.

    You do not have to isolate anymore. You can go out, date, network and gain new and genuine friends. Social media and the internet is not real life. This is not a normal or healthy way to live.

  4. I do have a bit of a burp and fart fetish. Like when i met my wife, at first she would never burp or gas around me but i let her know its okay to do so. Not too long after she started doing it in front of me and i know its weird but i like it. Shes my lady and its more of a relief for her knowing she doesn't have to hold it in, or be judged if she does it

  5. We are just freaky goofy strange silly critters. All in our own way it's okay…. Get over it everyone. Just because someone is strange in a way different then you are strange it can't make them a freak and you normal…. Come on now it's okay unless you are in denial and shitty to everyone else.

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