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  1. Zoe Kanan, you are exemplary. I love your baking and cooking so much. Happy New Year and 2021 to you from my hometown of Jerusalem Israel. I am 26 years old I am Jewish and I work for Mobileye Intel in Jerusalem where I daily save lives from car accidents.

  2. I espresso grind my coffee to make cold brew with; lately I don't strain it and it really let's the flavors in the coffee come forward, plus adds some extra fiber and protein to my coffee. ☺️
    This looks so good. I've been dying for an excuse to make a dessert, but I'm not gonna have anyone to share with for quite some time. 😧
    I love that cow patterned oven mitt. I've gotta keep my eyes peeled for anything to put in the kitchen that's not some cookie-cutter plaid pattern. 🔭
    Zoe was a breath of fresh air for me today. Thank you!

  3. holy shit that looks fucking awesome! nom nom nom, no bake cakes are best cakes….or desserts, whatever, shut up, you know what I mean!

    is it just a pastry chef thing, this girl seems really sweet lol

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