Why Japanese American Citizens Were Forced Into Incarceration During WWII #shorts

Paul Tomita speaks about the reasons why Japanese American citizens were forced into incarceration during WWII. Watch the full …

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  1. I've driven past Manzanar in the high, blazing hot in summers, freezing cold in winters U.S. concentration camp that held Americans of Japanese descent many times. All of the concentration camps that held Americans of Japanese descent are a blight on the history of the United States.

  2. I had a chance to visit the Japanese concentration camp in Manzanar on my way back home from Bishop, the museum there is great and it’s a piece of history I never really knew. It definitely was heart-touching.

  3. Oh please, it's insulting to call this "concentration camps" absolutely nothing compared to the real camps in Europe. Japan launched a sneak attack against the US, brutally conquered China, Korea, Indonesia and most of the pacific, and horribly treated those peoples. And what happened here? simple detention during wartime.

  4. Bc if they imprisoned the germans which are the second largest White population in America ppl would have gone mad and nobody would have gone to war. Nobody cares abt less than 100k Japanese people.

  5. And ? Did they get tortured for fun ? No they did not so shut up ! .
    My Grandfather was captured by the Japanese he was a prisoner of war survivor ! .
    And he hated the Japanese until the day he died for their cruelty and what they did to him and to all of the other prisoners of war they tortured and killed for fun all laughing and joking as they did it so stop moaning it could of been worse yeah .

  6. My great grandfather was the newspaper owner that was asked to print propaganda about the internment in Seattle…….He later helped found the JACL…..even though they used him then locked the family up took the printing presses.He still volunteered for service in the 442nd/100th infantry but was denied.

  7. No one is understanding the complexity in human violations he’s speaking abt on behalf Japanese Americans that probably faced way worse incarceration rates/ treatment than German Americans and Italian Americans

  8. What the Americans did to the Japanese immigrants is nothing compared to what the Japanese did to the Chinese and Koreans. The Japanese Imperialists were as horrifying or even worse than the Nazis, and still they've never admitted to their crimes or taken any responsibility for their actions. I find it difficult to relate to the Japanese immigrants complaining about how they were mistreated at that time. Frankly, considering the circumstances at that time, it was logical for the Americans to be suspicious of the Japanese immigrants.

  9. He's wrong.
    Germans and Italians were also interned, in smaller numbers than were the Japanese.
    The very same order for Japanese internment placed Italians under suspicion, and 11,507 Germans were interned during the war.
    To be interned as a German (or even Italian) generally required a higher level of suspicion for reasons that should be obvious to honest observers—Americans were of European descent and the most common ethnic heritage of Americans was German.

  10. More Japanese people left internment than went into it. And NOOOOOOOOOO FALSE. THEY ABSOLUTELY INTERNED MORE THAN JUST JAPANESE, YA LIARS. Sure it was probably majority Japanese, but no Germans and Italians and others definitely were interned. Just no where near the same rate. Because interning people with German heritage would mean most of the country…..But why use brain, when you can just lie. Welcome to Vice.

  11. How could they know if you’re 1/16th Japanese ?!?!? Like if they had ancestry DNA kits in the 40s … 😒😒 This is why so much is not talked about in American history. The US doesn’t want their kids to know how stupid & racist America was and still is.

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