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  1. That gotta be one of the most confusing dumb things ever the government isn’t regulating the weed at all or who grows it or what stuff goes into it??? Cause in that case probably like 45-50% of growers are using growth hormones and spraying plants with pesticides to yield better results all around

  2. Most of them are taking the piss, they sell average and below average bud for top prices, amnesia for 12 a g? Super lemon haze for 14 a G?? Of it was BANGIN I’d do it but most of it it’s average weed. I think they do it to push ppl to buy import bud and cali flavours but hey not all of us are gonna spend 30 a G for some bud

  3. Just travel to America. You’ll get better weed and not have all this nonsense surrounding it. Amsterdam missed their opportunity, the rest of the world is catching up and stealing their tourism 😂😂😂😂

  4. This isn’t true man when it becomes legal they will have to pay more taxes but amsterdam they just overprice everything for al the tourist who think how higher the price how better but you have tested it you know the highest prices doesn’t mean the best bud

  5. It’s expensive because they know idiots will pay those prices lmao seeds cost maybe $5 for a pack of 10, growing and harvesting cost little to nothing than a water and electric bill, yields are around 2lbs per plant. Charging anything north of 150 for an ounce is just a scam no matter how good the bud is.

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