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  1. In Canada our dispensaries have a nice
    Big sample nug on display in a plastic container, attached to a string that you can lift up off the counter kind of like iPhones at the iPhone store and the top has a magnification lens on it and then you can also pull off a silicone rings that releases open holes so you can smell the bud as well. It’s super killer.

  2. Yeah, gamble is a real thing and you can't smell. See, look at go anywhere near touch. The f**** container, it's in until you're paid.
    And to that point I only buy the s*** I know. And when I see something, I know I'd buy it all because I don't know when it'll be back. Because there's like 85 different things that I've never heard of and never even f**** thought about before. And they want me to spend fucking fifty bucks on an eighth for it fuck you

  3. Looks and smell won't tell you anything about the taste and how it feels. You just have to buy it. I've had booty brown looking that are labeled at 20% blow my brain when namebrand that are near 40% are just terrible

  4. Same with most in sw Missouri. The only brand i have found so far that is always fresh, is Amaze. They are local to Missouri and there is an rh pack in every jar or pouch i have gotten from them. The flower doesn't have all the trics knocked off either. Best flower from a dispo i have found yet. I still prefer my own grow tho.

  5. I’m in Missouri, everything is sealed with stickers so it can’t be opened. So it’s a gamble, I’ve been going to Denver for vacations recently. The first time, the guy opened a jar of rosin, I went in for a smell and he goes woah now, you can’t smell it! I go to another dispo, they open the jar and hand it to me lol

  6. Dispos are not worth your money at all. U have little knowledge about the product and u have to still pay dumb ass tax on top of overpriced mids. Argue with me all u want if ur not getting direct from an experienced grower with good genetics u ain’t smokin as good as u can be. U can still get something somewhat good at the dispo if u know what you’re looking for but at the end of the day what u pay is not worth what u walk out with. With the grower I can smoke the weed before I buy it, I can look through the tons of different strains, I know what was used to grow it dispo shit gets recalled all the time, and it’s fresh your jar can sit in the dispo for a year. Stop putting your faith into a system that is flawed dispos have a long way to go in a lot of states in US.

  7. Depending on where you go in cali they have the jars with the samples that you can do it im surprised to see this as 3/4 of the dispensaries i visited in Cali let me Smell the nugs before. Couldnt take the nugs out back then due to covid but im pretty sure it was available before covid idk about after.

  8. I’m in Cali and never heard of a shop that will not allow you to take it back if the bud is bad. It does suck not being able to smell the bud but, most bags are see through in some way or another so you can see what you’re getting.

  9. Im here in southern Cali and they have smell jars for most of the bud besides like some bulk pre packaged bud but the name brand dispos are the ones that sometimes won’t let you smell before hand

  10. united states suck on weed, always dried never gets you a good high unless you mix with tabaco leaf and a beer or rum and is always a super mega crossed american strain 😒 you could smoke the same name herb from different crossings thats BS big time thats how scamming looks like here, expensive weed gets you nowhere and the oils tinctures etc are weak asf!, thats why you will like to go to africa and get seeds from them landrace

  11. They have a harvest and packaged date on them
 you’re not really gambling on freshness. Everything else kinda tho. Vegas has the best labeling I’ve come across so far.. better than California as they list the terp levels. Can really help you dial in the flavor/effects you’re looking for.

  12. When I was in california a few years ago it was just big jars of the bud theyd let you smell it and lopl at it before you bought. You gotta go the right dispensary the popular ones with the fancy packaging are just tourist traps basically

  13. I live in Michigan, going to the dispensary is my favorite thing to do just for the pure fact that it’s deli style. I can smell & look at 20 strains and not feel rushed or anything. On top of my local dispensary getting new strains every week. Fear of boof, superdope, all the exotics for goooood prices

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