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  1. Check out the concept store if you're in Amsterdam, and check their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/familyfirstconceptstore/

    Want to see the flower? Click here – https://youtube.com/shorts/4o8FlyDvqio?feature=share

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  2. Smoking now runtz redbull from funky monky !!!!!!! FUCK YOU MAN !!! Its bulchit nog flafor! Not strong and its burning fast …. kut wiet voor niks duur en Brand elke x scheef

  3. Maybe you could try and get an interview with Ben Dronkers out their and ask his apinanions about the strains that are being sold now in his beloved city , what's to blame feminised seeds , keep saying the taste may b their tho the high you used to get from them strains as long gone ,imo !

  4. The problem is there all about looks now 😢so the plants is being force fed chemicals and then not flushed right 😢 disgusting I do genuinely believe to price the bud it should be tried and tested on quality 🎉

  5. Thanks for this Drew. I got my cancard the other day and I am so happy! I am a music producer, so if you need any royalty free music for your channel let me know.

  6. My dispensary in my small town shows the % of thc and cbd and sells prerolls , grams , 3.5 , 7. , 14 , 15, 20 , 28 , 30 grams. The prerolls are maxing out at 40% thc infused with diamonds and theres live resin for 40$ @ gram . Cherry kush live resin with 8% terpines , 82% thc ,2.5% cbd. 1.2 gram for 40$. Theres 40% thc extreme cake indica and 45% shredded weed you smoke already cut up. Hash for 15 to 30$! 40$ gram rosin and shatter.

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