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  1. Not only is it one of the most popular flavours rn, it’s also one of my favourites. But still is only in about 10% of the content. If this applies to you, definitely go on the channel and try to diversify the reviews you watch lol

  2. Tired of zkittles to be honest . It’s so weak . As is everything that has come from GSC or has been bred with GSC. Bring back the OG and sour.

  3. There's also the fact that you tend to try strains you enjoy; you've said this before and people ignore it for some reason. If you like zkittlez, keep smoking it – the people who call out this shit have no idea what your channel is all about.

  4. To be fair, you don't actually review strains, you just tell us if you think it's fire or not. How about actually reviewing them properly? Rating from 1 to 10, flavour, strength, bud density, bag appeal, how clean it burns etc….
    Now that's a review, please start implementing this on your vids so we can get a better idea and more info on strains as your reviews posts are abit played out ✌️

  5. Got a Q for 60 smells lemon kushy I have a feeling it’s a z cake crossed with wedding cake and skittlez. The high hurts my insides a bit and lungs but proper had me eating five cupcakes no go and forgetting I had the weed tray on me when I fell asleep 😂

  6. Don’t worry mate, everything trendy you smoke has zkittlez in. I send all your shorts to my bro everytime zkittlez mentioned and we laugh because we both love zkittlez and all new strains for the past few years been zkittez crosses lol

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