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  1. YES! I followed your advice for my dog. She is now 4 years old and has never had allergies like my other dogs who get dermititis and hot spots every summer. I now try to warn everyone about this!

  2. I had my dog Titer Tested for Rabies after refusing to the Vet to give her one. After waiting over a month for the results as the only lab is far away, it came back Maxi was over Vaccinated! The New Vet Apologized so much and my dog has been exempt from ever getting shots ever again. The original Vet who was seeing my dog the first 6 years of her life was PISSED OFF when I said NO MORE Immunizations, and her only reason she could come up with was, " what if Maxi gets bit by a bat"? SERIOUSLY? I walked out and Never looked back. We MUST EMPOWER Ourselves with Education about All Vetting needs that arent really needed at all. Maxi is now 11 and looks better than she did at 6.

  3. Sadly, too much money to be made pushing vaccines. People go to the vet with trust and come home with a dog full of shots, and poisons for fleas, ticks, etc, etc. So sad. Thanks for being you Dr Jones!! FYI I had a basenji I vaccinated as a puppy and did titers every three years, she died at 17 and never had a health problem until the very end. Her titers were good her whole life.

  4. Great advice for our pets and especially horses. Every time you move a horse to a new barn, you have to show recent vaccination proof. Yeah, it’s really for insurance purposes but who cares, right!? I’m going to request a titer test for our new rescue dog. He’s 2 yrs old, had all the standard vaxines except bortadella and he will get no more. I don’t get vaxxed and haven’t for about 25 years I don’t see why I should do more than minimum for my dog, cat or horse. These days….more so. Thanks Dr Drew. 💕

  5. I recently got my dog a rabies shot…I wish I hadn’t but the only reason I did is bc we have a lot of critters that come into our backyard. In the last year my dog and my son’s dog have tag teamed a groundhog, a possum, a skunk, a bunny and sadly a feral cat. 😢 Everyone escaped but the cat. The dogs were fine but I have no idea what diseases these animals carry, if any. It concerned me. He is getting older and I don’t plan to get him any more…just wasn’t sure what to do. His vet recommended the vaccine, of course! Sooo 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. So, took my 6# dog in for check up. They said she needs her shots. I asked can I get a titer test. "Sure, it's 95 dollars." "Well how much are the shots?" " 35 dollars"!
    Since I was going to rescue another dog soon and rescues will not let you unless the other dogs in the home are
    Up to date on shots, I went ahead.

    They accidentally gave her a 3 yr rabbie shot , again!! 😭😭

    So I don't know what that has done to her but I will tell you she's only a 4 yr old dog and has aged a lot since then and her face has turned white. None of my dogs have turned white until they were 13 yrs old.

  7. I've been saying this for years, over the years , the dogs that weren't dressed , even lived to 16, another lived to nearly 13, she was dressed at 8. My dog just now , we rescued eachother and because she is a rescue they say she has to be vaccinated , she is ive had her 3 years but I only ever got my older dogs when younger just the first distemper , too many are definitely causing harm . Thank you 🥰

  8. Also, if you have an indoor only cat, and are sure you don’t let it go outside, you will be in good shape without any vaccines. In areas where rabies are required, only do it when necessary. But, if your dog bites somebody in California, even if they have had the rabies vaccine, your dog will be quarantined at home for 2 weeks anyway. Obviously, vaccines are not 100% effective., including rabies vaccine.

  9. Vaccines destroyed my moms poodle. So sad to watch.
    She finally believed me and allowed me to try to detox him. It helped with his major skin problems (major is an understatement), but it took over 2 years to detox him.

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