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  1. Attention DREW HELP ME
    Hey drew and everyone I saw an E-Dab rig, it looked exactly like the Puffco PeakPro but it had a reclaim chamber at the bottom, Like a little silicone tray you can slide out which catches all your reclaim from the dabs you take …. can somebody please help me find this kind of E-dab rig/Dabvape… I am looking to find it since nearly 2 Months …i would really appreciate it if someone could help me find it!
    Sorry for seaking attention at the beginning haha
    Love you drew
    Greetings from Austria <3

  2. Happy this was so good for everyone who gets to try it, im going to have to look out for some myself now. Sounds like its still true go the banana genetic, good stuff ill bet the runtz make up for bananas not tasting too tropical.

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