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  1. Come see the nugs on Kick! Live every night at 9pm UK time! Kick / drewissharing
    SOME EXTRA INFO: 1) check out medbud.wiki to see all the bud available.
    2) If you have a prescription you can be over the legal limit, you just can't be impaired. Section 5A(3) RTA 1988

  2. Had a browse through the medibud wiki thing, Omg i cant believe half of the stuff on there being sold.
    One you couldn't see the nugs for whatever had been sprayed on it, some clearly been grown with PGR. Shocking really

  3. I don't blaze regularly but probably can qualify for medical bud, but what worries me is the prescription might be 3.5g a day, whereas I'm a 3.5g a week kind of person these days. Is there a minimum amount i would have to buy on a regular basis?

  4. I think Australia is adopting these medical cannabis laws regarding driving. At the moment of if I get caught behind the wheel and test positive for THC I’ll lose my license, even with my medical certificate.

    And we have over 30 different strains at right $150 for 10g đŸ™đŸ»

  5. I wish the legal states in the USA would take notice. If you get in an accident or pulled over and swabbed you go straight to jail for a dui. The thing is, if you refuse the mouth swab they take you straight to a medical facility and draw your blood and we all know it stays in blood longer. It’s ridiculous.

  6. Hardly no one will meet the criteria to get prescribed with cannabis, I've got a brain injury life changing injuries and still I don't meet the criteria

    -edit: drew I can't believe you make it seem like it's easy and everyone can get medical budd

  7. Anyone who thinks that their driving isn’t impaired from smoking is out of their mind. Why should you risk other people’s safety by driving under the influence? It’s not about if you can it’s if you should.

  8. I got stopped by the police and arrested but that was before I even applied to get medical canabis im n9t sure when my court will be but now I've had medical canabis for 2 months they arrested me 4 months ago will they let me off you think. Fucking ass hole pulled me outside my house for 0 reason

  9. You cant drive for work legally. I have recently found out the hard way, got sacked from my lorry driving job, as the agency didnt pass on my medical cannabis prescription information to the job I was working for. When they contacted there insurance, neither the agency or the contract i was working for could insure me. So that meant i was basically driving uninsured for approx 6 months. Be very careful with the driving legallity if you drive for a living. And i also explained this too mamedica, the clinic i was with via email, and they also went silent on me. If you drive to work normally, then all should be good, but make sure you inform your insurance provider. Commercial insurance will not touch you with a barge pole. Sad that i have too explain this to people, and do not be put off, unfortunately a big grey area with regards to driving. I no longer consume cannabis, as in the end it was making my medical condition worse (ptsd).

  10. I know people who buys from a website like dispenseroo but have no medical licence yet they're able to have no sort of police encounter (No raiding, No problems whatsoever), has me anxious to see if I can try with the same result. And I'm trying to sort out getting a medical licence to get medical bud, just wish it was a little easier.

  11. May be legal and give exemption for swabs and other exemptions.

    Please can you give a review on how much it can cost annually and please also how many times per annum, quarterly and/or monthly you can request a prescription

    I personally am looking to cut the stress of getting flower in the uk but not my quality

  12. As an officer thank you very much for encouraging people to drive whilst high, maybe I can take you along to the next family I will be telling that their daughter just got killed by a person who was told he can drive while smoking cannabis but its totally fine because he had a medical card.

  13. Yes drew but the one and only reason why you shouldn’t and drew you can’t deny it
    The main percentage of your medical bud you receive and review is crap đŸ’© and you say it yourself and on the odd occasion you don’t then you’re facial expressions give it away when you smell it or when you taste it

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