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  1. I grew gorilla zkittlez a couple years ago. I was so happy with that plant it produced great yields, looked amazing with the colors and loaded with trichomes. It tasted great and couch locked me after smoking and had a wonderful sleep those nights. Definitely going to grow strain that again.

  2. This is why you don’t use mamedica. Medical cannabis is regulated to be bang on what is advertised. Would you take medication that had the wrong information on it? What a joke.

  3. How long would it take to get it posted if i sign up I start my chemotherapy next week .would I be able to get oils in time ?? Love my bud but won't be able to smoke .😢I will need something ASAP. Thanks drew .

  4. Nice Man…!!! 🙂….spread the word ,,,,medical dispensary oils)))))!!!!!!! Have killed humans when smokinh it after it crystalized!!!!dont toss it immediately ☠️…never seen oil crystalized be-4 !!??!! Wtfff….Ask for 🦾Gumbo ,,strain sooo good..i like anything strong ⛽ diesil. . )))) .. brooo 🤣💨💨💨💨🥂🎸….(( 32. % ))- Permeant Marker !!!!..Dopest yola channel …Whatzzzsssuuup Drew Man

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