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  1. Not the first dog to die from drinking sea water, I have never heard of salt to induce vomiting in an emergency use hydrogen peroxide, it saved one of my dogs when he ate a bag of kisses.

  2. Good thing I did not take my Golden Retriever to the Oregon coast last summer! Goldens luv to swim and he would have no doubt digested a lot of ocean 🌊 water. 😬

    Thank you!!! Luv your channel and your passion for pets (not to mention truth telling.) ♥️ 🐾

  3. We live near a beautiful fresh lake. A couple of years ago we traveled to the ocean and our dog swam lots and drank the salt water. It was the worst night ever for us all!! Explosive diarrhea, vomiting etc. poor dog! We didn't think sea water could be so toxic!! We will leash her from now on when visiting the ocean

  4. Thank you so much. On one of our trips to the ocean with our little Reindeer-Chihuahua Gunny, who weighs under 4bls
    had several of those symptoms on the tail end of our trip & drive home. I thought perhaps he had sudden motion sickness from the combination of a little restaurant scrambled eggs and the long drive home. I bet he had these reactions from getting too much salt water on the beach Is there a household antidote or remedy to reverse saltwater poisoning?

  5. Really?! We just moved to South Carolina, bought a few a acres and got my hubby and youngest a pit rescue. They really wanted a dog for years. We're next to a huge ocean now and plan to visit with our pup and had no idea!
    He's actually terrified of water and acts like it's a punishment 😞. He was caged his whole young puppy life and when he'd toilet in the cat carrier apparently they'd hose him off inside the cage 🙁
    A friend of mine rescued him and his sister from a coworkers daughter who just neglected them. Way underweight, emotionally shut down and urine wet logged nails. He's great now and healthy but the water fear well need to try and overcome because it gets so hot here in the summer compared to Ohio!

  6. Plus a large Poodle friend used to swim in a family pool swallowed too much water enough that his stomach twisted or flipped & he nearly died. Also beach waters everywhere salt or not, near shore, dog swimming is exposed to great deal of bacteria. Bad idea in any scenario. Thanks doctor you’re the bomb!

  7. Our husky got loose years ago in the winter. She came back with all of these symptoms. My vet said she probably has a brain tumor so she ended up dead. I believe she drank water from the road side that was loaded with salt from what they put on the roads to melt snow and ice. In hindsight I wonder if I gave her activated charcoal, if that would have helped or if I had a competent vet

  8. You are my favorite Vet. I'm always keeping my family up to date on your excellent knowledge. I'm so glad that you are holistic and out of this world. Thank you. I've always believed that God put a natural cure or answer on earth for people and animals. I'm now, 76 just last week. Thank you.❤😊😊❤❤😊😊

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