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  1. It's totally unsurprising considering the astounding CORRUPTION we've been seeing in the medical community and in our government- they are sleazy grifters who want to keep control of their millions!

  2. So glad I discovered your channel! My one year old husky mix started doing these weird movements after I gave her Simparica Trio. I posted it on her YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/shorts/HpEAXyVAbec
    Dr. Jones, any idea what's going on here? Vets won't be honest with me. Is she basically having mild seizures? I just want the truth 🙁
    – Cindy (p.s. emailed you as well)

  3. Hello my 12 year old pit bull just got diagnosed with lymphoma she is currently on dewormer and prednisone with all supplements you recommend she’s eating drinking but her rapid breathing is getting worse I don’t know what to do please help.

  4. After getting a conventional vet's advice, I chose an holistic vet to help my german shepherd through his allergies and the long- term healing from a snake bite. "Normie' vet wanted to treat the symptoms of the allergies-an incredibly expensive course of treatment- and they didn't care about the damage the snakebite and their treatment might have had on his liver. The holistic vet's medicines and diet advice has turned his health around in the 7- 8 months since we've started. He is now shiny and glowing with health and itchiness down to a minimum. I also have injectable vitamin C on hand in case of another snake attack- the vets will not administer so I'll have to do it myself and best guess at the dosage.

  5. We don’t have that here but I join them pet prevention program or pet insurance the animals are treated fairly better than private veterinary they charge alot do nothing. Holistic facebook group can help cat owners Holistic cats encourage people to join Facebook groups that handle their breed dog or cat. Of course Doctors jones too I have his videos library Now I have all his webinar books filed. Cbd oil helps my cat bladder not to have UTI none 15 between his suggestions and Banfield they are well


    IF YOU COULD PLEASE LEAVE ME A LINK. I definitely am on the right site because I see the CBD oil, probiotics, Gastro products but not the product that you talked about that you said was a natural preventative and a natural product that can be used as an antibiotic.. Many thanks Dr. Jones! Susan
    ps: Canada is becoming CHINADA 🫠🫠🫠

  7. This country is being ridiculous and is also getting ridiculous unbelievable you can't even do anything here anymore we're not in the communist country but it's beginning to look like that that sucks…👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤬🤬🤬🤬

  8. Key point — how best should we lobby in this Province? This should be proposed as a monopoly and illegal practice in Canada. Sounds like a great cause for a law group that wants to make a splash

  9. Recently took my cat to a vet I thought could be trusted. Her recommendations were contrary to things I’ve learned doing my own research. She cautioned against ever feeding grain free foods, and even though she said my cats teeth looked to be in pretty good shape I should get a cleaning in 3 months that starts at $1,000. She had me sign a paper since I declined getting all the shots she recommended. I’m not a fan of most Western medicine, since I’ve been injured trying to follow some of their advice in the past. Appears we’re on our own to continue to research and learn what’s best for ourselves and our pets.

  10. just like importing cheaper tic meds from abroad no profit in that for over priced Canada vets so they banned it.
    My last teeth clean and 3 teeth removed in central Europe for my dog was less than $50.

  11. This is ridiculous. If anyone is in NW Ohio I took my dog to Aquatic Pet massage. He rehabilitated my Labrador with a bum leg. He does massage and water therapy. They swim in a heated pool. The vet wanted to do surgery or do their rehabilitation which was very costly. My 2 previous dogs were damaged by vaccines, I saw it with my own two eyes. Then they denied it. Ugh.
    I brush my dogs teeth, trim her nails and cook for her. It all about the money and control. 😩

  12. it's called capitalism. here in us the private equity groups have taken over the vet services. the prices are so high now us common pet lovers cannot afford healthcare for our loved pets. let us all bow down the money god of capitalism.

  13. I do my own research and want alternative medications/methods for dogs/animals. Interesting that if we don't take our animals in for medical care, we can be charged with a felony. But, if you don't have the large sums of money it takes to pay a vet, the vet can, and will, reject your animal. Do they get in trouble for not providing necessary medical treatment? NO! Vets should have to provide medical care, despite the animals parents ability to pay. They can write off the costs. They can absorb the costs. They can enter into payment agreements. I don't think vets should charge outrageous prices, upsell or should be allowed to reject to assist the animal. And, I think we should be able to use alternative healthcare methods. If they don't help us, you will see more dogs being abandoned, dumped in the shelters, dogs being killed by owners (I know it happens in places like NV), or animals suffering until they die. Those who have the skills should help!!

  14. Of course, they are going to limit all alternative options. How else are they going to monopolize those services and take all money from our pockets… smh.

  15. ❤ it was a fight to get the Vets here in Massachusetts to understand that The Rabies Shot is more damaging than good for our Pets. I stopped it 7 years ago with asking for a RabiesTiter Test, Which they told me there was not one for rabies, only for distemper. I corrected them stating distemper shots are not mandatory and we are NOT giving that one or any other ones. At that time our Maxi was 5 to be 6 years old shortly. So they granted the Titer Rabies it took a month or so to get the results Because its a far away State and the only State that does it. I had to call my City Hall and ask them to not fine me for being late and i explained my dog suffers after Immunizations and we were waiting on a Rabies Titer. I finally was called and our Vet started out by apologizing to us that Maxi was OVER VACCINATED and they accepted my exempting Maxi of that shot and all others. Now at 12 Maxi suffers from Cushings Disease this being year 2 and it has caused Diabetes in Maxi who i now Administer Insulin to twice a day. This is the first Chemical/ Meds she has had in 7 years. But its very needed because the Cushings is fighting the Insulin from working and Holistic Treatment would be blocked and we could lose Maxi and im not willing to try anything that will take her faster. She had her first Antibiotics too at 12 for 2 UTI's that her disease is creating now and then. But she is on 2 Probiotics and 1 prebiotic so her gut is guarded! ❤

  16. Why not go after the vets who work to intentionally or negligently injure or kill our dogs! There seems to be NO recourse to call out these quacks who don't know what they are doing, or in our case do surgery on an animal while drunk or drugged. It's insane what these so called "professionals" are getting away with. Animal Owners Association UNITE! Our pets deserve better!!

  17. As someone who does animal rescue, seeing many animals a year, it is cost prohibitive to follow the "legal" guidelines. We USED to be able to give pups vaccines, and rattlesnake vaccines to all dogs. We can't now. Standard veterinary care does NOT work for MOST of the dogs we see. We use chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs, and many NON-veterinary sources to HEAL our dogs without having a pay a fortune to a vet that isn't helping. Animal Owner's Assoc sounds like a good start!

  18. This is big pharma trying to wrestle back their profits. Many pet parents are aware to what has happened with their pets and they don't want anything to do with big harma (pharma) anymore. Keep digging and get the knowledge and treat your pets yourself. Dr. Andrew's videos can start you on the right path. He is a great human being for doing what he does.

  19. I think it is time we let them know we did not elect them in they do not govern us. We have free will, rights, thoughts and actions.
    Get them out…peacefully and take back what's ours. Right to chose whom we wish, when we wish…Amen

  20. Its such a democratic evil world. Im standing against it. I love you dr. Jones❤❤❤ i appreciate you more than you will ever know.

    Veterinarians these days, " here, try this. If it doesnt work we can give him a couple shots and if that doesnt work, surgery😮

  21. What about vets who regularly prescribe flea/tick shots/ collars- great idea put neurotoxins in a necklace on our dogs, yearly vaxes and vax dogs when they dog is sick. This is ridiculous. Fine everyone who actually helps and heals, good grief

  22. What about vets who regularly prescribe flea/tick shots/ collars- great idea put neurotoxins in a necklace on our dogs, yearly vaxes and vax dogs when they dog is sick. This is ridiculous. Fine everyone who actually helps and heals, good grief

  23. This makes me sad and highly distressed. This is just one more way that the "powers that be" are tying to keep control our our lives, our families and our bodies. I live in the US and although I have been lucky to find a holistic vet for my rescue I cannot tolerate the government/Big Pharma etc. trying to control me. There should be room for options depending on a person and a dog's needs.

  24. This does not stop here. Remember this when they do this in human care as well. In Ontario, all of the vet clinics are being systematically bought out by big corp. Once this has happened, there is no going back. Our Vet has refused to be bought out, thank goodness..they squeeze out the good care and replace it with a mandate and make it so expensive that no one can get care for their fur family. They have been preventing pet parents from doing things for their babies for a while now, one thing is limiting or preventing you from gaining access to alternative supplements such as CBD for your pet. For example, we can't even buy Dr Jones' CBD here in Ontario! Yet, I can buy another CBD manufacturer from BC and have it shipped here. But even they were forced to stop selling directly to pet parents after years and years of helping pet parents..so, now we must purchase through 'authorized dealers' of the same CBD supplier. They are just creating barriers to care on every level.

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