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  1. This channel is drifting.
    People want to see stuff they can afford themselves and relate to.
    Not this stupidly high priced crap.
    I used to watch every drew video, now I don't because £600 a zip and £200 a spliff doesnt appeal to me, I'm sure others are the same.

  2. Is sweeties sprayed? And what’s the official name for sweeties cuz by me I have a brand named sweetys’s and they have honey bun weed and fun dip and another brand named sweeties that has a valentine day strain, please lmk cuz I don’t wanna cop no sprayed shit

  3. What are the laws in the UK now? Can anyone fill me in? Im from Australia & just got my medical cannabis approval but im wondering whats going on in the UK surrounding cannabis laws these days i can't find any 100% solid on the UK cannabis laws

  4. Bruva! You got the following! Let’s get a movement for legalising budz for all us recreational users!!! UK is a failure. The world is clout based. C’mon!!!!!!

  5. I don't know how we could have gotten to this point and allowed it. These prices do not make any sense… Knowing perfectly well what the manufacturing costs are. I think that if they sold this same joont for €5-€10 they would earn a lot more

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