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  1. Thank you for all your uploads – your channel has helped and encouraged me to take more responsibility for my dog's health and to understand what sort of things to look for. Since subscribing to your channel years back, i also stopped feeding my dogs kibble, now making home made meals for all meals throughout the day (I feed them twice a day).

  2. Thanks for the upload – what are your thoughts on Rose Hip Vital for dogs joints? I started using it and initially noticed positive changes, then it appeared to not do anything and then at the 8 week mark she's been great for over 2 weeks now. My dog is a JR x who is 13.

  3. Unfortunately, with the cost of veterinary services being ridiculously high, a lot of pets suffer unnecessary. And on top of this vets, see your pet as an open cheque book. I had a 14 year old Yorkshire terrior, and he had a couple of cysts but instead of leaving them, the vet insisted on getting him in and removing them. He under went surgery an a total of 7 were removed at a cost if £3,500. 10 days after surgery he was very unwell so we went back with him. They insisted on something being very wrong and sedated him and did expiratory surgery and found he had liver cancer. They called us to say nothing could be done and he was euthanized there and then. If they had performed an x-ray or MRI scan, all this could have been prevented, and he wouldn't have had to have undergone that previous unnecessary surgery and expense to us. Like I said, it's like a final open cheque book, the dog was 14 and was at the end of his life. Nowadays, my dogs, who are both 8 years old, get fresh meat and fish every day, coq10, CBD oil, K2 + D3 in their kefir protein . They also get black seed oil I don't trust my vet one bit although it's a different vet as 1 of my dogs has epilepsy and has Epiphen medication for that and she also has a weak heart valve and the vet wants £280 for a ultrasound scan and will then want to put her on more medication and on top of this the medication will be issued at a different month to the Epiphen just on the basis that it is a legal requirement for vets to do a consultation every 3 months of regular prescription drugs to look for side effects. It all about generating money and dodgy unregulated rules. I've refused any further medication because of the damage the Epiphen will be doing, and I don't want her on heart medication on top. So I give her Coq10 to help with her heart, it's natural and has no side effects. She has been on it for 6 months and no longer has that cough when she drinks water. I question everything with my vets, and I mean everything because they will pull on your heart strings to give them treatment on the basis of your love for the animal. Legal crooks, in my opinion.

  4. These large dogs that are always panting, need to be on cooling meats cooling diet! Instead of lamb, chicken or a kibble diet, feed raw cooling meats such as duck ! I love yogurt and a smash bananna for dessert add pumpkin and you can even freeze it as ice cream. Google cooling meats and foods. My golden retriever lived to be 16!

  5. Trust your instinct. That's the most important thing, whatever the age of your pet.
    Trust your instinct and find a vet who listens to you and trust your words. Otherwise there isn't much you can do, a part from worrying for your pet.
    Seek advice from holistic veterinarians if possible, because traditional vets usually do not treat your pet proactively, they want to wait until it's too late and give your pet chemical "bombs" with plenty of side effects.

  6. I'm sorry this question is unrelated to this video but I couldn't find anywhere else to ask it.

    I noticed just this week that my dog's colour is changing. He's a tri coloured black and white with brown and a lot of black ticking. I have very recently noticed that his black patches are turning brown. What could cause a dog's coat colour to suddenly change so quickly? He's not losing hair, its just changing colour. He is a senior dog 11 years old and I expected his muzzle and face to turn grey but I didn't expect his black spots to start turning brown all over his body. What could be causing this?

  7. I love this channel. Amazing info and practical advice. Yes it's true that a lot of old dogs don't get the right care, even if they are lucky enough to have loving owners. Dogs are only here for a short time. I want to make every phase of their lives joyful. This helps! 🙏😀❤️

  8. One day, my furry boy was acting not his usual self and was sleeping a lot. He was lethargic and when I tried to feed him or give him water, I noticed that his gums were pale. I rushed to the store to pick up beets and red meat. Took him to the vet and they scheduled an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that his spleen had a tumor and was bleeding out. He had to get his spleen removed. Every few days I ran to the store to pick up beets and beef and had him on that diet while he was bleeding out for over two weeks. The doctor could not believe he had survived that long while bleeding out. Eventually, my boy had the surgery and removed his spleen and the biopsy after the surgery showed that he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. He also had severe abscess around his buttocks so every day for a couple of hours I kept cleaning his butt area and consistently medicated it for three weeks. He was on a very strong antibiotic as well so he was nauseated. After his spleen was removed, his eyes started spinning resulting in vertigo. This was possibly due to nystagmus, a vestibular disease since his eyes move up and down so something neurological. To this day, I am currently with my 12 year old furry pup 24/7 day and night, I sleep with him just incase he gets vertigo at night and throughout the day to be there for him. Yesterday was his vertigo day so he would not eat or get up to go pee as he wants to stay close to the floor. But today was his good day. I try to give him Turkey Tail mushrooms as it suppresses the growth of tumors and I have boxes of Yunnan Baiyao stashed in case he ever bleeds out again. I hope this helps anyone who is experiencing something similar with their beloved pup.

  9. I'm so glad you mentioned anemia/less energy. My 10 y/o chihuahua showed a decrease in exercise tolerance. She wasn't anemic, but an ultrasound revealed a tiny mass in her spleen. Her spleen was removed, and thank goodness it wasn't hemangiosarcoma. It was, however, indolent b-cell lymphoma. Her prognosis is still good, with careful screening with an oncologist.

  10. Awesome video.
    One BIG word of caution, Conventional vets love to use steroids like Presnisone. This will only COVER UP what is going on.
    Our old vet gave our Basset Steroids for several years……. then eventually she ended up with Lymphoma.

    Her skin allergies were telling us a lot about her health. She was being overloaded with Vaccines, flea killers, tick killers, etc.

    Skin allergies shouldn't end up with cancer.

    A lot of thr Conventional vets also use heavy duty NSAIDS like Rymadil. Very dangerous !!!!!

  11. My dog was 15 and slowed way down..heart failure 😢 I sorta knew when he would randomly cough or hack when he was around 13 years old. I feel at peace though,15 years old was far more longer than I would of imagined him living!

  12. would you be able to help me with a question I have about senior dog. for the past year my 12 year old dog's nose just isn't wet. his vet has said it can be allergies, we have done allergie meds, we have done nose balm 2 to 3 times a day, he is drinking alot of water. right now we are doing coconut oil twice a day. can you please give me any advice to help him.
    thanks 😊

  13. I cannot Thank You enough for sharing your plethora of vital information. If only all vets were like you Dr Jones❤️🐶😻🤗🙏🇦🇺

  14. Two of these mentioned is exactly what happened to father & son ~Jackson & Lucas. My boys 🐶🐶
    Jackson the father 12yrs old woke up on morning early & he wasn’t himself…waited for vet to open. He had a tumor in his spleen & it wasn’t bleeding out yet. Dr taught me about checking his gums. He had a successful surgery to remove the tumor. While in recovery had cardiac arrest. He was & always will be my soul dog. Then 2yrs later his son Lucas(they where two years apart)12yrs old Lucas had swollen lymph nodes. He had lymphoma. I had the honor of a couple more weeks. Good days & bad. I slept on the floor with him. He didn’t want to sleep in his doggie beds or mine. He let me know he was tired. Both of them changed my life & I learned so much. The greatest loves absolutely magnificent. So grateful they where in my life & forever in my heart 🙏🏻🐾❤️🐾🐾💙🐾

  15. my boy was diagnosed with diabetes last week , he's 10 years old , out of nowhere he started drinking water soooo much and peeing more than usual , all this happened in a week , took him to his vet , ran blood test , and it was diabetes 😐 I was shocked and really felt so bad like its the end of the world , is he going to be ok a million question in my head , he's on insulin now , I give him two shots a day , and the thirst and urination kind of less now , its been just few days on insulin so I hope things get better and .. have a normal long life like his parents , its crazy how the symptoms suddenly happened , he was sick for awhile the dr said cause diabetes doesn't just happen in a week 😐 his behavior and appetite didn't change at all , only the water consumption and peeing made me realize this is not right something is wrong and .. I hope for the best now .

  16. I'm thinking about adopting a Senior dog tomorrow. Now after watching this, I'm not so sure. It's a Yorkie. Is this the wrong decision ? Sighh.

  17. Pipi: "Every time I come over to play with my friend Tula his daddy pokes around on me." Sweet Pip is a good sport. Look how good he was about opening his mouth wow my dog would never ever allow me to do that and I try often. The older he gets the worse he'll let me do anything.

  18. My boy Bran passed of what Hoochie had! He only had the white gums right at the very end, and even when I checked about an hour or two before his passing his gums were still quite pinky-red… I'm glad that Hoochie had a slower/easier time with his bleeds, as my boy did not. One minute he was "ok" (just seemed slowed by age and arthritis) and the next he had slipped away. <3 There really were NO signs up until that last 1-2 hours, either. He ate alright, he walked alright (again, the arthritis and compressed disc pains/symptoms impacted things a bit) but nothing significant. Then suddenly white gums and inability to breathe or stand, then he was gone.

    Thank you for the video, it will help when I one day bring home another doggo to love and care for.

    **He was a back-yard accident pup I picked up at 7 weeks from a lady who was VERY pregnant and no longer able to keep in home. He became my therapy animal for 11 years and 1 month (to the day) and saw me through some of the roughest parts of my life. Sadly, this was one thing he couldn't see me through.

    RiP Bran, my Number One (04.03.2012 – 05.03.2023)🖤

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