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  1. This dudes whole theory of smelling flower and INSTANTLY telling you the strain is absolutely BULLSHIT.😂 dude has too much hair dye, its seeped into his brain. Btw, this whole new fad of putting mediocre pot in flashy, retarded, mylar bags, to attract braindead 16 year old pot heads is all thanks to the idiots that started smoking weed bc they think someone else looked cool online doing it

  2. So if you didn’t know life is not grape is made by a guy who used to be a part of candy paint flowers , corporate chads took over and he had to get out , he took all his cuts and started over and literally the brand has been hot since day one. LING

  3. Hey man. .I'm 44 and have been working since I was 15 and I hate my job. I'm not sure if I can carry on anymore. I work so hard and never get anywhere and I'm running out of steam. How can I do what you do?

    Please help me

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