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  1. Tysvm. I just added everything except the beeswax to my foid order foe today. The beeswax will be here in 3 days

    Thank you again because her vets got her addicted to predizone and benadryl .

    Thank you❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉

  2. I have a shelter pet that seems to be a Brussels Griffon mix. He has dandruff and itchy skin year-round pretty much all over the area that is covered in fur. What is the best way to apply this cream?

  3. I have a cat who has really bad eczema, it's always worse in the winter time than in the summer. I have thought it is some kind of allergy and have tried several allergy foods through the years, but nothing seems to help. She is 15 years old and she (and her sister) licks a lot so the fur is rather thin where she licks the most. Can I try this recipe on her, she will most definitely lick some of it up. Would that be bad for her?

  4. Beautiful, ! It’s always nice to see your solutions, because it gives confidence right away and feels safe!

    In a lighter note, happy to see my great Grand mother generation’s home remedies followed in India are coming out as popular solutions!

    Castor oil is a great healer, even for human. It is a coolant, so the duration of application must be monitored for human beings, otherwise one can catch cold.
    Applying castor oil around naval region will vanquish the heat pull in the stomach/ heavy bloating. Can be used for reducing abdomen fat / double chins. It is also an astringent.

    Apply around the eyes to get sleep and reduce eye heat!

    Little castor oil with banana act as intestine cleaner!

    All Indian homes will have a n old small bottle of castor oil and mostly all children will know it “lovingly” 🙂

    Just one suggestion, if I may, since all the oils have fairly low smoking point and lose its goodness when heated directly, I believe we must try “baine Marie “ method or add the oils and butter to the end after melting beeswax and when it is hot and stirring to mix well..

  5. Dr. Jones, is this concoction safe to use on cats? What if the cat ingests the castor oil? Will it give them diarrhea? I have one red tom cat that has been licking himself obsessively and has formed scalely patches under the fur. What should I do to help my baby? Is there a natural deworming remedy that can be added to the food for the care of more than 3 cats at once? I can no longer find the liquid treatment in the stores.

  6. We will definitely be trying this with our Samoyed! Poor baby was itching so bad… vet initially thought it was allergies, but never figured out which, then thought it might be his thyroid, etc, etc, etc… after spending close to $2,000. on vet and meds and blood tests he got better and started growing back from the bald spots. However, the steroids made my finicky eater voraciously hungry… But now it's starting all over again. My gorgeous, fluffy Samoyed looks like he's molting! Can't go through that again! Tomorrow first thing I'm going to buy the ingredients for this cream!

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