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  1. My two cents on pancur! "Fenbendazole!" My cat had a mass on her mammary gland. And I began giving her fenbendazole with other things too. When I stopped giving the fenbendazole to her, the growth got harder and felt mean! So, I resumed giving it to her and within minutes, the growth got more pliable and squishy again! My cat lost the battle, but I do believe it's very possible that I was given more time with her because of the fenbendazole. Those moments are precious. Had I had to go through this same situation again, I would have taken the chemo route with doing the same as I had been. A lady I had gotten essiac tea from explained to me that she had paid something like $15,000.00 to treat her cat and that the cat was not the same after taking medicine that the veterinarian had put her cat on . . . and still ended up dying! It's just a terrible thing to go through. My Veterinarian refused to treat my cat with the fenbendazole, so I had to do the research and give it to her myself! He did, however treat her with one treatment to get her started on the fenbendazole! I wish he had continued to treat her with it, but he refused. I think the fenbendazole was helping my cat!

  2. Well… We should all send letter to the McMaster University that says, "liar liar pants in fire 🔥 she didn't debunk anything did she? The last paragraph even states "…its inconclusive…"
    Sorry you have to put up the this kind of things, Dr. Jones.

  3. Love your videos Dr Jones! Definitely found so many improvements and solutions for our pets from your channel! I am sure millions of others think the same too….your channel is on to a million in a tinkle!🎉❤

  4. My 12 year old Aussie started getting lipomas, but one lump was harder than the others. Among other alternative remedies I put her on a course of Fenbendazole, and the hard lump disappeared. (There was no chamge to the lipomas, but they didn't get any bigger) Keep sharing alternative remedies and treatments, Dr Jones!

  5. I cane tonthe channel to learn advanced care for cats with CKD, was supriseed at the immense information for all things pets. You're almost at 1 million subscribers now, so i subbed, and have watched a ton of them, even though I only have cats. We appreciate you brother, much thanks for all that you do. I've leaned MUCH more than I ever anticipated. I've learned WAY more than what I came for. Awsome! Truely greatful for the information. I will pass it along every opportunity I get.

  6. Dr. Jones I’m so excited I found you! I’ve used some of your remedies and it’s been amazing. Can you please give advice on what to do with static on cats fur?
    I have two very fluffy furry cats and they dread me touching them.😢 we are constantly struck with shocks, even just brushing against me. I’m terrified they think I’m hurting them 😢

  7. I’d rather go to this doctor than 95% of all doctors in the USA. Most of them are all bought off by the pharmaceutical industry. They all lied during Covid.

  8. They did that with my husband. Fat guy so must be heart snd diabetes. They ignored the big red blotch across his back from his liver bleeding. That killed him and he never had diabetes.

  9. It’s very popular these days to deny and censor good information, especially alternative medical protocols. I am sure that treating my border collie with your protocol including fenbendazole, extended her life by six months. The alternative was horrendously expensive chemo therapy with no guarantees and the diagnosis was terminal anyway. She was full of energy up until only two days before she passed away. So thank you Dr. Jones!

  10. It always gets me when I hear people say, but they’re not a doctor….Many years researching cures, I’ve found many that I would trust their advice before I would most licensed professionals.

  11. You saved my dog, from certain death..
    It had less than a five percent chance of surviving a major bowel problem.
    Rather than having the operation..
    I took your advice and used herbal remedies.. He " miraculously" recovered, and we had him for another four wonderful years…
    You're the best.. 💙 🙏 from 🇬🇧

  12. Forget google and the rest of those paid shills knocking Dr. Jones. I can personally claim that my doctor confirmed the success with this treatment. Also, bentonite clay is an excellent detox, and yes my doctor said it works. I posted this on my community page, and I got a strike. So, you know I’m typing something worth reading. Thank you Dr. Jones!

  13. They want more money I read it today so people should know vets are trained to get clients to pay for more unnecessary services because they want more money for vets all over the United states maybe Canada. Unlicensed or regular people can help you too. I don’t go by a license I go by what cures. To many people want a license or a college education in the beginning of time people didn’t have even a college or school but yet people who are good people like Doctor jones are put down, by his colleagues of Vetenians because of a lousy license and even myself I haven’t work so much but yet i know and learn many healing things for me and my cats. I will continue to support Doctor Jones he teaches many things a License is just a piece of paper who some vets and Doctors used to hurt people who meds versus Natural Medicine. You have my support Doctor Jones ! More power to you! I will support you and Doctor Berg who teaches us to avoid grains potatoes and all preservatives I’m healthy and my 2 Senior Almond and Pecan are doing well thanks to his cbd oil ultimate feline I will continue continuing to support nature everywhere get off grass seeds of grass !

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