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  1. I bought a can of cannabis in Colorado and the label said it contained unnatural pesticides. When I looked up the ingredients, there were carcinogens in it.

  2. As i sit here with my High Times judges kit for concentrates, i dont care. Its a great way for companies to get their products out there while the general population votes to pick the best. The only downside is, it is open to everyone. And not everyone is a good judge of what is "best" but in general, the top companies that win continually produce great products. I like em. Plus, swag bags. everyone loves a good swag bag.

  3. I just don’t trust most “competitions” anymore. The community coming together is always cool, but over the years I’ve seen just way too many competitions that were obviously bought and paid for. Now I literally see them as paid advertising rather an actual competition. I’m not saying all of them are corrupt, but a whole of them are, and have been for decades.

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