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  1. dont mean to discourage anyone but here we go:

    results will be disappointing. as a first time grower you do your calculation of how much do i smoke per 2 months divided by plant harvest estimation and plant accordingly. well, you should keep in mind that you're used to smoking b+ grade weed mostly, solid colorful nugs etc. don't expect your first grow (even the second) to look like this.
    at best its going to be fluffy and not what you're used to smoking. usually then its when you're thinkin that is not worth it and jump to craigslist to sell your equipment. don't. grab a rosin press instead.

  2. Hi Kyle Kushman can you comment more on Ph 9 your water to kill white powdery mildew. I watched a video where you made a short comment about Ph 9 your water to kill white powdery mildew to spray on your plants could you go into more depth on that subject. love all your videos watching from New Brunswick Canada.

  3. I am learning one of the most rewarding feelings is to trt to diagnose what is wrong and then implement a plan of action and watch your plants bounce back real quick. Im growing grand daddy and im a newbie purple.what makes it so easy for a newbie to grow? The compactness?

  4. Yeah tell em Kyle some of the mentality amongst a lot of the young people in the seen act like they don't know that this shit is still illegal in a lot of places. People should appreciate the new freedom that's on the way but it wasn't always that way. in fact it's still illegal here in prohibitionville USA and as always thanks for the great content and those seeds you guys hooked me up with the one has had some ups and downs but still looking great 👍

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