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  1. I know the truth Asgard alien lemmings signed a treaty with the United States government Russia failed to sign the treaty so Asgard alien lemmings blew up the reactor. For not signing the treaty with Russia these things are also using astral projections of beings to control our feelings they live within us the psyche the will the heart the stomach they abuse these poor beings the United States government should know that Asgard alien lemmings are babies born at the Red Sea from Lucifer they just have technology to trick us. They should not be allowed on the earth they do disgusting things to human beings

  2. How can Flying a drone make you a pilot, when thier were pilots who literally drove helicopters on top of the reactor and lost their life. What an insult. By that definition every gamer is a pilot

  3. Haha this is funny. Abandoned Explorer did this except without a silly drone, he went in himself. Y'all should have just watched his video. It's basically what you filmed but way better quality and allot more detail oriented

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