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  1. Thank you so much for this video.This video came at the right time.My 11 yr old dog has not been sleeping well, so I will buy the melatonin.I have used small amounts of CBD oil for dogs, it works great on pain & anxiety with my dog.

  2. Great advice! I mix tumeric and curcurmin powder in with the ground turkey when I cook it. Yes I've bought a few comfy dog beds when he could no longer jump up on my bed to sleep😅 he has been convalescing recently from a vestibular episode and is responding well to medication. Thank God. I was so worried about him but found hope in your video about that and your friends experience with his dog. I watched that video. Weh. We brought him to the vet , she recommended putting him down because he was dizzy! I was furious! I asked everyone to pray for him and I told that Vet Jesus healed a blind man and made a lame beggar walk. I told her Jesus raised people from the dead. He has had a good appetite and thirsty while convalescing so I knew that was a good sign.❤ Thank God I didn't take that bad advice from that Vet who just wanted to put him out. You're absolutely right about anything can happen at any time…a few nights ago he was panting and moving his tilted head and his eyes were twitching. Thank God a few days later after starting him on the med, that Nystagmus has ceased. Thank God he is responding well. He has been getting plenty of rest. I stay home a lot and prefer to be home with him.

  3. 0:55 manage your dog’s pain through supplements, CBD, DMSO, lots of dog beds around the house, NSAIDS
    2:10 actively engage in touch therapy (Ying Tang Point, acupressure)
    3:35 support for the brain and exercise
    4:18 diet
    5:14 low cost dietary supplement (flax seeds, probiotics)
    6:30 sleep
    7:25 be present
    Thanks for this Dr. Jones!

  4. you really don't ever have as much time as you think you do. Take those pictures and videos, do the silly birthday party, have the silly games and do that thing now, not later. I spent a lot of time with my late boy before he passed back in May of this year from spleen cancer, but so much of it was him sleeping and me doing my daily varied things. I refused to acknowledge he was even a senior dog until the final year of his life (11 yrs) because he looked so healthy and so young people constantly mistook him for an adolescent labrador pup instead of the grown mix GSD/Lab he actually was. If I could do one thing over, it would be to do more things daily with him besides just pets and walks and ball throwing, and I would acknowledge his age sooner, so that I could give him the proper diet and have the proper time to prepare for loosing him.

    The worst part of that bad day he went was that I had NO idea he would be leaving me so soon, because I was denying how old he was and how soon he could go. Yeah, the illness was a complete surprise, but I might have been more prepared to lose him if I had not being in denial… With my new pup (adopted 2.5 year old chi) I'll be trying to do better and face that time more gracefully. It's hard, but its worth it to ensure he has a good senior age when that time comes.

  5. I already do most of this for my dogs. Different acupuncture techniques would be good to know, to help both cats and dogs. Can you do more videos on this subject? I'd also like to see a video like this one, for senior cats.

  6. Your videos are priceless! Thank you for making these! I am interested in your supplement but my dog has Hypercalcemia & I'm scared it's too much calcium. Im going to email your support irt this. 😊

  7. Our dogs tend to live into their high teens. I have a working (not showing, real working) border collie who still works daily at 12 1/2. I keep my dogs lean, they are outside daily for fresh air and sunshine, and they are kept very active. I feed twice a day, and feed a base of kibble but at least 50% raw meaty bones, and veggies (one will peel and eat a banana). I use freeze dried salmon and liver for treats. My vet is amazed at how long our dogs live. And one reason they live so long is they never go to the vet. They get puppy shots that I give myself then titers. No more vaccines after puppy shots except rabies as required by law and I stop that at age 7. My 12 year BC just had his first exam since being neutered at age 2 and his blood work was perfect. I was a vet tech and I avoid the vet and all the poisons they want me to put in and on my dog.

  8. Hi Dr.Jones. What would you recommend using for my dogs dry,itchy skin. He’s a GS/BMC Mix 4.5 years old. I’ve taken him to his regular vet and they’ve prescribed carprofin and allergy medication but it keeps him up all night using the potty. Your recommendation would be grateful.

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