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  1. Hi! I bought the pills "kyolic" on amazon as you had suggested it. But now I don 't know how much I can give my small chihuahua. By the way thank you so much for your advice with the black tea in water. The next day my dog was able to walk a bit better because it helped with the inflamation.
    Please if you can help me with the dose for my dog would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Dr Jones, Loved this video. I have a question regarding my dog, Romeo, a Pug, issue with his nails. We took in to our vet for a rotary nail trim with mild sedation since he is very anxious having his nails trimmed and his quick is large. He developed an infection 2 weeks afterwards. We are now going on 5 months of this infection with constant licking. He has been on numerous antibiotics as chlorenphenicol, cephlaxein, marboquin, enteroflaxin, anti fungals, doxycycline to name a few, 2 culture and sensitivity tests, x rays, been to a vet dermatologist; he has been wearing a cone 75-80% of the time as much as possible. We have been doing povidine nail dips, clorox diluted water dips, chlorhexidine dips, and been using coconut oil on the area. There appears to be a nail growing under his normal nail with exudate and inflammatory tissue. After research it looks like a cutaneous horn. I removed it thinking it was a stick stuck under his nail but it was avascular and was not bone-I have medical training; we have now been told to amputate his toe. I saw that those horns have a high recurrence rates and a new one seems to be growing in. He is eating fine and has no pain on that paw. He just keeps licking it non stop. Any advice?

  3. Dr. Jones do we pick just one of these treatments? My dog had a nail injury not last summer but the summer before. It fell out, didn’t grow back for a year and now grows in brittle. I can tell it bothers her. My vet said to use clotrimazole cream once a day for 3 weeks but since she can’t lick it to keep a surg collar on her. Lol she won’t allow that, she BARELY allowed it (it was a huuuge fight) for a week with her mast cell cancer tumor removal. (Which was low grade thank the Lord.)
    Which treatment would you recommend the most for her issue? Thank you so much if you can answer!!!

  4. My vet wants clotrimazole cream on her nail once a day for 3 weeks but to keep a surgical collar on her the whole 3 weeks so she doesn’t lick the cream lol not gonna happen. She’s a feisty chihuahua and WILL find a way to get it off.

  5. The garlic thing…funny…Its like when you look up the health benefits and safety of juicing vegetables for human health. The first thing that pops up is a series of ridiculous articles insinuating that there are dangers to beware of when eating extremely healthy foods. Give me a break.

  6. How many times do you apply aloe Vera? My dog has it really swollen, I cut the nail and there is a wound that may be infected. I’m trying the garlic and aloe Vera. Vet will take him in in a week. I feel really worried 🙁

  7. I figured out that my 2 1/2 yr old German Shepherd has SLO or Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy.

    The people we got her from as a pup recommended giving her a clove of RAW garlic daily w dinner, but I never did because I was afraid to. Would this be okay in lieu of the Allicin you showed? I believe she needs it, as tetracycline is normally given as an antibiotic & I would prefer to go naturally if that's safe.

    Also recommended for SLO is Vitamin E & Omega 3 & 6. How much Vitamin E (60lbs) and could I substitute a sardine or two daily for the omegas?
    Hope you can answer because the local vets are both expensive & worthless. Thanks Dr. 😊

  8. What if the nail bed is red but no puss or swelling? He has a horizontally cracked nail which hurts him, I dont believe the bed is infected because he doesnt limp either but not 100% sure. Thank you 4 your video

  9. Hey the vet told me to do an epsom salt soak for my dog (she split a nail) and when I asked for proportions of epsom salt to water they said make like ocean water. Another youtuber said 1 cup for 3.8 litres or a gallon. I will be doing this tonight and soaking a face cloth and holding it over dog nail for five mintues…but no where can I find a demonstration. Can you do a demonstration. If one happens after the 2:43 mark I apologize in advance as I have to go do this before i don't and I am cutting out from watching at this mark so I will get it done…but for later could you please demonstrate…if it's not in this video? Thank you for this video and all the help you are giving people

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