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  1. You don't think this came out the wet and wild open air market in China do you? Soon Big Pharm will have a vac for it, plus a yearly booster. Can't wait to AR14 Joe's German Shepard lining up to get his.

  2. My Lab is 13 ,, I have seen two Vets. Two different answers. Laryngeal paralysis, and fluid on the lungs. It started out a while back As My Lab is gasping for air, Gagging White Foam. Thought it was Kennel Cough. Now on meds. Now my dog doesn’t want to go outside. Outside he gagging/ losing control of himself. Inside, he is good. Eating/ Drinking very well. ((We have an Appointment next week to put him down.)) Now we think it’s this Disease, or Anxiety. I am doing Boiled Chicken/ carrots/ rice/ peas. Getting home cooked meals. Started Honey. Please any ideas!? I don’t want to put him down. Yes , losing weight. Harness is to large now. Some walks around the house, My Lab is ready to go! Other days, something is bringing him down big time.

  3. One cant help but question this after COVID, but what are these statistics compared to average Pneumonia in dogs? Covid became the labelled CoD for every hospitalization during the pandemic. Sounds like same could be happening here.

  4. For people that need to go to the vet with a dog for other reasons then this
    Maybe ask your vet if everyone waits outside instead of in the waiting room.
    And when the previous customer walks out, the next customer walks in.
    Everyone calls the vet for an appointment.
    So then the vet could agree this with all the customers over the telephone before they come.

  5. GREAT remedies. I would also add a Nebulizer using NANO SILVER at least 4 times daily. AMEO life sells a fantastic nano silver liquid in a 16 oz bottle. Also, buy the bottle of gel, in a pump container…(avoid the gel with aloe as it is not food grade aloe). Put several pumps of the gel on your finger and smear on their gums

  6. Are your recipes in your book?? I would buy a book you wrote with as many helpful things as you could put to paper!
    You should write a Big Book Of Help for dogs! Maybe infused with stories. I had a rat terrier with horrible allergies. Never knew how to help him except for lamb and rice food and shots. I saw a dog in the pound with horrible skin problems not many would take him home! I felt so bad for him. I could not take him as I had a dog that needed to be the only dog in the house. I would buy your books to give to dog rescues!

  7. Would putting a humidifier in closed room help, or having dog in bathroom with shower running, to breathe steam? One dog I saw on YouTube recovered with human pink eye antibiotic chloramphenicol. Is this anything you would recommend? Would you recommend manuka honey over regular, or would raw, unfiltered honey be just as helpful?

  8. In California we have had two animal shelters where not only have many of the dogs come down with this disease but there has been several cats that seem to have the feline version of this disease.

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