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  1. The right wing (Labour) and hard right politicans (Tories) should be taking note of this, but they wont. Also throwing people in jail for slow walking, shop lifting and general protesting is disgraceful fascist behaviour!

  2. This is ridiculous. It isn’t merely the mentally ill and drug addled being imprisoned; those whom are, usually have reasons for being there.
    The majority serving sentences are continuous offenders, and when robbing and/or committing violent offences darned well deserve to be there.

    Psychopaths are born, and there is no denying this. Bad people exist, and then there are those that are made, that are often too far gone to be safe amongst the non-offending population, as they don’t care about taking and harming people to get what they want.

  3. I work in an Offenders Re-entry Program as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the USA and 99% of what this guy is saying is so accurate.

    The whole problem is so complex, it is political, social, lack of nurturing practices by parents, it is the economy, it is stigma, bureaucracy… I could keep going. Anyway, So sad to see that this a global thing.

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