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  1. This kind of shit is so pretentious and cringy it's up there with gage green and their crystal growing and million dollar clones.

    Hey Kyle, got a spare pack of seeds for a give away or are you too stingy?

  2. I dont need a group of burnout hippies "certifying" me. What yall are actually doing is taking away from those of us that have decades in this behind us already. Yall should have grown a pair and sold during prohibition. Maybe then you wouldn't be selling out so hard now

  3. Ohio just legalized, now I wish there was a way I could be involved with the movement, I wish there was a career in the Cannabis field that I could dive into, as of right now even though it's legal I don't know how the other states have gotten around to work and insurance, because even though it's legal if it's in your system and something happens at work they still have the right to deny you which I find not fair, if I am prescribed opiates from the doctor and I get injured at work I'm perfectly fine as long as I have that doctor's slip but if a doctor prescribes cannabis the insurance companies and the employers can deny it I don't see how that is okay, how have the other states gotten around this?😊

  4. Her majesty cannabis holds many truths. The endocannabinoid system is the main healing system of all vertebrae.these receptors are in bone marrow to skin cells. Thank you to all the world breeders cultivators and lovers of the master plant she has come forth to help us all. You are incredible people peace and love

  5. I'd like to add Just listening to you guys talk about how passionate you are. Literally tears me up mlim so Passionate about this planet.. I've also been A victim to this Agricultural Racism . And still live in a Prohibition state Craft cannabis growing is a lost art. I will always stand up and represent.

  6. I actually went through one of the first classes for Ganjier. 3 years later, I still dont know anyone that has used the certification to actually make money in the industry. The root of the idea is based in something good, but the outcome of the courses was less than desirable. As a 25 year smoker / grower, i actually did not pass based on that fact that I could not guess the same scores as others on smell and taste. If your pallet is more or less developed than others, you will be penalized and will not pass. Lifetime experience and knowledge of the plant is not championed at all, they only care if you can score samples on average with others lol. And lets not talk about the debacle at the cowboy cup.

  7. You guys can label me the best grower on the planet….But I can't get a job in the industry as I've had a Cannabis conviction. and NO i'm not moving 2500 miles away from my friends and family from a legal state to another for a job.

  8. I am 29 right now and have been smoking since 13 and can remember throught most of that time trying to get my mom to smoke and her not wanting to but she has had 22 knee surgeries but long story short I got her a topical and she loves in and uses it everyday😊

  9. Holy Crap! Followed you for so many years, dreamed of meeting some day. Very cool you started a channel. Derek's episodes were very cool to watch as well.Good luck with the channel, Im subbed. Have a great one.

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