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  1. Well im a fan of glass, such as my little bong and bowl pieces of different shapes and sizes. Including a 2 G darth vader bong piece and an elephant. But ive smoked out of everything except proper gasmasks, steamrollers, and hookahs. But I don't really dab and I favor blunts over joints

  2. I'm broke and live in Florida, so all I smoke out of is papers, blunts, a spoon pipe and a gb made out of a socket and a soda bottle. I'm getting a bong soon Hopefully, and then once I get the bong I'll start dabbing too

  3. I mostly use edibles…. or a vape pen.. and a Source Orb 3 (jury still out on that as I am awkward at it) …I am a lightweight so whenI try a bong it burns and I cough until I almost hurl…. BUT… 30 yrs ago, when we smoked joints, and in those days the method was to take a big hit and hold it in as long as you could…. it was never that harsh…. and my first husband and I made a bong and that was never harsh… so I don't know why it is so now.. Is the the weed? WTF maybe I am just old??? LOL

  4. I've never smoked weed or done anything like that but I am thinking of trying some although I live in Australia which it is not legal yet and I just want to know if it is addictive because the last thing I want is an addiction

  5. spoon pipes are great to start out on, but later on you might want to get something with filtration. in the end your lungs will beg you for it, especially if you take intense rips frequently.

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