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  1. I had a question about IBS and tried to your email multiple times and it always says the email is invalid I copied and pasted it right off of your information and will never let me send you anything

  2. Hello, I live in England and have been following you for a while now. I was wondering about the Thayer's that you use for ear infections. All the Thayer's that I can find in England are either facial toner or astringents. Is this is the same as you use? Thank you for reading my query. Kind regards Lynne

  3. Can you please help me to know what to do for my dog. Hes throwing up and diarrhea for 3days now he wont drink water or he cant eat. I have no money for vet nor do i have a car. I just recently lost my job. Please please please can you help me to know what i can do from home

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  5. I having problem with a dog I adopted that had fleas and the pound gave him medication to kill them, but now my other dogs have them. I bathe every dog, but still I see fleas. I can't use chemicals because of my COPD

  6. Doc, can you tell me why it is that our pets are having all these medical problems. Dogs 50 years ago did not have allergies, much less anything else that requires a veterinarian? I think we are poisoning our animals by big pharma just as humans are fed toxins so we become life long consumers of "medicine."

  7. Dr Andrew, Thank you for these great tips. I clicked the link to sign up for your free webinar and the link isn’t working. It says , “ This webpage is not available “??
    I would love to be able to signup. Please help. Thank you!

  8. I apologize for the non sequitur, Dr. Jones, but could you please do a video deep diving into feline hyperthyroidism and the pros and cons of conventional vs natural treatments, especially regarding senior cats? My 17yo Maine Coon has a grade 3 murmur and has lost a lot of weight and we recently found out that he has an over active thyroid. I would really appreciate a deep dive into this topic if you don't mind.

  9. How long can you use the same tea and vinegar mix? Seems like after 24 hours it gets stuff in the bottom and I assume it's spoiled so I've been making more daily. Would be nice if I could store it in the fridge for a couple days instead of making it new everyday

  10. Even psudonomas? My beautiful 6 yr old bench springer has spent the last couple of years on and off steroids now they're telling me to remove his ear canal which I don't want to do will this help him avoid this operation!!!!

  11. I have a miniature poodle, her ear is red and smells, she has a ear infection, the witch hazel with Aloe Vera we cannot buy in Australia, I don’t think apple cider vinegar with water would be a good idea since it appears to be sore. What do you suggest for me on what I can do.

  12. Hi is there any way I can protect my dog from flea bites because he is allergic to its saliva (FAD) and shedding its coat aggressively he is almost bold. ( 5 year old white Pomeranian) thanks

  13. We have bloodhounds. One gets constant ear infections. Very swollen ears, lots of dark brown discharge. How can I help? We try to make sure we dry their long ears and we also live in the country. So dirt roads, hayfields and lots of trees. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I should also mention one dog doesn’t have the ear issues as the other. Bosco actually doesn’t want his ears touched and you can feel the heaviness from the swelling.

  14. My poor Staffy has constant ear infections! We have tried everything including changing his food, thinking it was an allergic reaction to some ingredients. I will try these! Thank you so much!

  15. My dog won’t let us touch his ears and he’s stronger than we are. It’s heartbreaking to see him suffer. Our vet prescribes apoquel which is so expensive and I’m concerned about it’s use long term. What is causing yeast problem?

  16. Thank you so much! I live in rural India and care for 3 doggies in our ashram. Yeast infections are recurring. Last week all that I had was some cow mastitis pencillin cream to use out of desperation as the Canestan cream sermed not to br working. This OTC combo is golden knowledge. You are great for sharing all of your knowledge that enables all to give their beloved pets first class and affordable medical care. It is also empowering and educational for us all. Bless you!💛🌻

  17. Do you have your videos on any other platform besides yt? Have you seen yt's new "misinformation" policy? Might not affect you now because you don't deal with human medicine but it's only going to get worse if they can get away with censoring all medical advice that doesn't go along with the official narrative. The only way to stop it is for users to leave it en mass.

  18. You give great remedies for things to put in the ear to treat yeast. How often would you then clean the ear when using one of these remedies and what would you use?

  19. Hello, I adopted a westie who had an infection in the ears, something black. My veto prescribed all the antibiotics that exist, even for humans, we tried corticosteroids, anti fungus, nothing works, I cleans ears almost daily for 18 months. He lived on a farm with sheep, i don't know what do do, help me please, He has also been treated with antibiotic tablets & cortisone injections, nothing works thanks

  20. This is so amazing !! So many pets are not getting the proper care because their owners can not afford to go to the VET ….
    thanks 🙏…

    But Polysporin is not available in EU it seems …are there an alternative ??

    Also would you recommend apple cider + coconutoil or the otc mixture ??? …

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