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  1. Thieves. Took my boy to a vet, bloods and urine tests as I noticed some lumps and bladder changes $2500, come back in two weeks, when he got worse same tests – all up $5,000 same results, perhaps antibiotics, consult and meds added$300, when he want better went to a vet hospital consult on$550. I'm disabled 6,000 and my elderly dog was worse and in pain, haemorrhaging from his back end, In hospital for eight days $4,ooor for 'observation'. I demanded more a CT scan, … they found bladder cancer/lymphoma and my baby was put down..he should have had pain meds.. vets are on par as scam artists hate their guts. They made little effort and my boy suffered because of it. Inhumane.

  2. some vets are ripoffs. my town is outrageous. i go to town 60 mi!es away and get same service for 1/3rd the price. meds and shots i get from the trave!ing vet. again 1/3rd the price.

  3. My blue Doberman just had allergies testing done and now the only food he could eat is royal Canon Ultimino . I have two Dobermans and 8.8 lbs coat $74.00, his test came back he’s allergic to chicken, pork, rice, corn, sweet potato, eggs. Peanuts, tomatoes. I’m missing one or two., but Dobermans have to have foods other than meet due to heart problems they can have. It’s been terrible. I really don’t want to cook and make their food but I may have no choice. I hate being in a kitchen. But we’re going to need to do something.

  4. When my cat gt ill i had to put him down. I couldn't even afford to find out what was wrong. It was when my regular vet wouldn't even let me in the building with the cat. I found one that did. Cost $500 to put him down. Cant afford that. I cant get a new pet just from food and cat litter alone. I live alone and really need a service dog for my medical issues and fir mental health. But no. It cant be

    When a single emergency vet bill can make someone homeless. Yes. It's only for the wealthy . And the elderly and disabled people are the ones who truly need pets.. and children. Every child should know the unconditional love of a puppy

  5. It’s why I no longer will take in rescues. Once my pets pass, I’m not replacing them. I can’t have animals and watch them suffer. Makes me sad because I always tried to provide the very best home for animals in need. Just can’t afford to do it anymore

  6. I know I called to have my pup fixed and they said it was going to be $350-$500 depending on the weight! No wonder people are not spaying or neutering their pets! They can’t afford to! It’s ridiculous!

  7. Plus food has risen so high so fast. I asked my market why they didn’t want us to have pets. They asked why did I asked that question and I said you keep raising prices every two day. Last year a 3 lb bag of cat food was 6 bucks it’s now $11.
    Being on S.S. Makes this difficult. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. So food prices for my pets going up so much and so fast is financially painful. Forget going to the vet. Thanks for letting me vent.

  8. I adopted 2 senior cats, ages 9 & 12, from a shelter where I previously volunteered. I had the older male for less than 4 years and during that time he had a series of medical issues that cost me close to $14,000 before i finally had to let him go. I was lucky that I had the money but it took a good chunk of my own retirement fund. The female who is now 13 years has cost me less than $4000 total mostly for preventive care. Once she is gone, I will never own again. D
    Currently, I volunteer at a thrift store, called Giving4Pets. No one is paid at the store and all funds beyond expenses are used to help pet owners who can't afford the high vet bills they are facing. As you may imagine, there are many more owners who need our help than we are able to fund.

  9. I am 57 and my dog is 11, after my dog passes I will not get another. Cost of the veterinarian visit, groomer and good food. I love her but damn it's out of control the cost to have a pet nowadays.

  10. It's like paying for a person to go to the Dr. I can't afford to take my cat to the vet. I never had an animal but this kitten kept coming to my door. He adopted me. What can you do. I got him fixed for 100 dollars.
    Hope he don't get sick.

  11. In December 2023 , there was a kennel cough virus being contracted by dogs, which required a Bordetella vaccine. My vet wanted $30 for the vaccine, and $35 to have his technician administer the vaccine to my dog, for a total of $65. Instead, I bought the vaccine online for less than $10, and administered it by myself. Let's see….the vet wanted $65, while I did it myself for $10.

  12. I would say that it was unbelievable that veterinarians are being taken over by corporations and costs are flying through the roof, but of course it's not unbelievable..
    I don't have a cat or a dog. I have ducks. First I had one duck. For 9 years. I should have asked someone somewhere what was wrong with her and maybe they could have told me and she would have lived longer but then again I know someone who had a 15-year-old duck and she had cataracts in both eyes and I don't think her quality of life was so wonderful. That was my indoor duck. We had ducks in our neighborhood but then somebody had them taken all away so I bought four ducklings for my backyard and since then… That was 2014… I've had outdoor ducks. There was a 2-year overlap with the indoor duck and the outdoor ones did not like her They chased her… So she was more indoor duck than ever. Anyway my oldest outdoor duck, the last one, she died in October. She was also 9. I don't know…. There wasn't necessarily anything major wrong with her she was just old, the younger ducks had chased her and she was limping for a few months at least. But she had her own little fenced in part of the yard where they could not get at her and believe me my Drake tried. He climbed a 7-ft hardware cloth fence. We had to fence it all the way up to the top of the shed so that he could not get through. He didn't want to meet with her he just wanted to chase her around and pull at the feathers on her shoulders until she got irritated and ran away. And a previous drake and a previous postmenopausal duck went through the same ritual so I guess it's not strange. But somehow something made her limp. However anyway, she made it a lot longer than anyone else in her duck family. Her siblings. Her nephew was 5 and 1/2 when he died and her sister was like 3 years old which is really young for a Muscovy duck. But Willow was nine. Two times before, I thought she was going to die. 2 years before she did die and one time before that but she recovered from whatever it was both times. And this time she was just slow and limping and we had her on the top shelf in the duck house because it was the only place that Shadow couldn't get to her and Colette could not get to her and Heather could not get to her No that's not true Heather could get to her but we sold Heather. Maybe Colette gave up. Willow was the last of the four that I raised by hand without a mama duck. And her brother Clooney used to chase me around the yard and try to mate with me. So we gave him to a friend and we kept one of his sons. And he was the one that lived for 5 and 1/2 years. And then we got shadow. Shadow is a good boy. He is not terrified of me and he does not want to mate with me. He is not cuddly but he's a good boy. So at the moment we have six adult ducks. Imagine if we took them to the vet. The one time that I called, it was $75 just for an exam. And I only called because I was adopting a bunny and they wanted to be sure I had a vet. We named the bunny Anya as many people do. We had her for 6 years until my first duck died. And then we gave her back to the rescue that we got her from, and they took her back. We didn't want her to be alone and we also didn't want my duck to be alone, or we would have taken her back sooner because honestly our allergy control measures could have been better implemented. But she was healthy. She seemed happy. She didn't die. She always had a box to chew on. And we were very careful with what we fed her. And it's funny because my roommate would always ask me if it was okay to feed the ducks this food or that food and it finally occurred to me why he was doing that. And I said it's okay. They're ducks. They are not rabbits. They are not as delicate. You can almost feed them anything. Of course no chocolate. But you know how delicate rabbits are. They will eat things they should not eat and they will get gastrointestinal issues and they will get issues with their teeth and all sorts of things. But we didn't have any of those problems. Thankfully. Snuggles died of wet feather basically. I didn't know why her feathers looked so bad. Now I do. And one time she took a bath and she didn't preen and she didn't get dry and she didn't get warm and I had my hands around her when she died. And she was my baby. But she was 9. The day before Willow died I picked her up and I put her on my chest and I sat in the chair and I held her and I cuddled her and she let me. And the next morning I took her out and put her in her little area in the morning and 2 and 1/2 hours later I checked her and she was dead. But unlike 2 years before she was in gasping choking drooling wheezing etc. I think she just ran out of gas. (Snuggles had bumble foot when she was like a year old or maybe two but she recovered from that). I could have been a wonderful pet parent and taking her for regular veterinarian visits but I can't even afford to take myself for regular doctor visits so… We do what we can. The other day one of my 3-month-olds scratched her foot and we grabbed her and cleaned it and put antibiotics on it. We need to grab her again and check on it but she has stopped limping.
    I feel sad for the people with enormous vet bills. I've seen them. I know people who rescue I know people who run sanctuaries for older ducks I know people who train dogs. I have seen their bills. I guess it's good I'm allergic to cats and dogs and sadly, bunnies, And even birds. Sometimes I wonder if it's the oil on my ducks feathers that keep them from making me have allergic reactions that I get with other creatures including regular birds. One time a dog licked my leg and I broke out in a welt. So obviously I'm allergic to dog saliva.

  13. My biggest issue is that people see my in/out cats and they decide to throw cats and kittens into my yard. I have akitten right now that i think has pneumonia and i dont have $$ to take her to our vet. We have 6 cats.. 4 are throw aways… we have 4 dogs.. 1 very large 130 lb throw away and 3 of our own.

    I wish more that my local area had an aspca or animal shelter. Im tired of people dumping sick animals on me.

  14. I paid $600 for 1 tooth extraction for my cat, and my vet told me another one may need to be removed! I never went back. On a different note, i saw a documentary about domestic animals like dogs and cats are contributing to the climate change, due to the way dog and cat food is made and does require , is destroying 1/3 of farm fields. Do you believe this?

  15. I was scanning adoptable cats the last couple weeks. I'm so glad I got this video recommended. After reading the comments it's clear the animal industry is taking advantage of pet owners. I'm disappointed I won't be able to have a furry friend, but I'm not going to go through what everyone else in the comments have.

  16. Geeze, it's become a financial hardship buying kitty litter and food. I've had severe financial hardship multiple times during the past 40+ years but nothing like the prices I'm finding on everything, with all things pet being some if the most extreme. Bird seed and squirrel nuts also jacked up $.

  17. If I here one more vet say or see in their literature about how caring and compassionate they are I am going to puke. It all about the money. Millions of pets are left to suffer and die that wouldn't have to if fees were reasonable. Over $1000 to neuter my male cat. It use to be I think 100 or 200 dollars. I am not a Dr. or Vet but how can it be $1000 for a male cat. That is the issue with my vet, I don't blame her bit the practice is now owned by a corporation.

  18. The cost of veterinary care is outrageous. I have a 13 and a half old dog, I have had dogs all my life but after my dog goes to doggie heaven I will no longer own a pet of any kind. YOU by the way are the equivalent of the Dr. Berry for animals. He professes a healthy diet for humans to stay healthy and to use simple remedies for what ails you. The same thing that you are going through has happened to traditional medical doctors , they can't make a living if they teach their patients to live healthy lives, there's no money in that but there's plenty of criticism and scorn from the medical community.

  19. We have had cats and or dogs or both at the same time for 30+ years. For the past 20 years or so we have had 3 dogs most of the time. The yearly vet check up cost & city fees now are $300.00+ a year for just one animal. I lost my big hound 18 months ago and I would have gone out to adopt another hound, but then my oldest dog a Bichon Frise went totally blind a year after his loss. Our other adopted baby is a Maltese-Havanese mix. She will turn 10 on Jan. 5th. A vet that I was referred to about my blind Bichon said nothing could be done to restore her sight, but suggested in having her blind eyes removed for $1,000.00+. Why do that and scar her face when she is still a happy beautiful playful girl? It is getting to the point that only the wealthy will be able to afford to have a pet. Shalom

  20. I am a responsible owner. One of my LDGs (Spanish Mastiffs) that I got and hoped to breed, developed cherry eye. That takes her out of the breeding pool in my world. Just short of 2 years, I had her spayed. She only weighed 120 pounds (unlike my other female 8 years earlier, 145) Izz cost north of $1,000 to spay. 8 years ago, $250. I also will never own another female cat. 5 pound cat, $200 spay. No thank you, Males, $120, still insane (I castrate my livestock myself, have for decades, I do have some idea of what that entails. The shortages of meds, and cost TO Vets is insane.

  21. What it tells me is that these vets don't give a damn about animal care. They are just greedy you know whats. What they charge is insane. I had one tell me that my dog needed to have her spleen removed. I didn't buy it. The vet said she'd die in a few months without the surgery. Well, she lived almost 3 years longer and only died because she jumped off of the bed wrong and landed on her head paralyzing her, I had to have her put down. It was devastating. I don't trust them so I do my own research to see if what they say is necessary to do.

  22. The vet that takes care of my two dogs is telling me one of them actually both of them should have dental cleaning , one of them he might have to pull teeth he doesn’t know till “they get in there” blood work x rays and then medication’s afterwards starting at 300 and then maybe more ..now my dog’s teeth are fine, some tarter , like me!! but I brush their teeth, I use baking soda tooth paste , tea tree oil and peroxide diluted to water so a couple teaspoons ..there are no bleeding gums when they eat there are no teeth falling out,,,and I told him when I get to go to the dentist and get all my teeth taken care, of then I’ll bring my dogs in so they can get their dental work done as soon as I get a spare thousand dollars to cover both their dental “journeys “

  23. My vet is the most reasonable in my area but wants to retire. I have 1 dog and 22 cats and limited income. Some things I can do at home. I also have a diabetic cat. It's really tough when they get sick

  24. Its utterly ridiculous how the prices have inflated! Dogs are being surrended to shelters at a higher rate than normal. Previously the utheneniza rate was over 2 million a year in the United States. Back yard breeders are increasing. Less are being adopted because of cost of living and not beibg able to feed and vaccinate. God forbid they neads vetinary care. I go without things that are not a necessity to afford my 3 dogs. I live in a rural area where there are not organizations that help with pet care. I wish i knew how to start a movement to put vet care in perspective. Ive said for a while now they've become a monopoly.

  25. I do not take my dogs to the vet. By some strange miracle, dogs, cats and the like survived before vets were even thought of ! I do not spay or neuter my pets either, and I truly believe this has PROLONGED their lives.They are kept on a leash and watched closely within my fenced in property. No unwanted pregnancies. My dogs have all lived to ripe old ages – no vaccinations (!), no commercial medications of any kind. I have only ever used home remedies for any issues. No cancer treatments or prolonging of their lives. I also do not have my pets "humanely put down" as I strongly believe this is an inhumane betrayal of all they have meant to our family. Their lives end naturally, as painlessly as possible, in their own home around the smells and surrounding that they know.And I want to thank you for clearly putting your love of animals ahead of money, Sir.

  26. There is a vet hospital here in oregon that is 24 hour emergency care.
    It is the ONLY hospital with this service.
    Some vets in the area are not taking new clients so if you have an emergency they refer you to this clinic now in my case i couldn't get in with an emergency for my pet and they sent me there.

    I walked out of that hospital after paying 1,500. Of my savings and in debt to a predatory lender that lied to me and told me that my loan would be free of interest and charges if i paid it in 12 months. I got $800 on top of the 1500.
    Now they didn't want to hear about my dogs past surgery or treatments. They told me they had to run tests. All they wanted was to give me a estimate. They did not offer any alternatives. I couldn't opt out of a procedure they listed.
    I ended up walking out now in debt to some company of 800 $ and i was told that surgery would be approximately $ 10,000.
    I couldn't afford this.
    Then my own vet made my situation worse. She didn't put orders in the file and went out of town. The on call dr wouldnt prescribe a simple inflamation dryg without making me pay to come see her when i just had him in there 2 days prior. She had his records but would not treat him unless i paid another office visit fee. He suffered. He is still suffering. All i can do is wait until the infection takes his life. I despise the veterinary practice once he is gone i will never own a pet again. To be forced to watch your animal suffer in todays time is cruel punishment for us owners.

    Allowing an animal to suffer should be illgal in the part of a vet.

  27. I have run a cat rescue for the last 25 years and our vet bills are horrendous. Even with the token discounts clinics offer us, it is not usual for our MONTHLY bills to be $20,000. Very little low cost anything in my area. $400 for a cat neuter? REALLY?? Thanks for your channel, just discovered!

  28. As a senior on SS my dog is my only companion. I would go without food myself in order to treat my dog if she were sick. Fortunately I have a wonderful vet. She doesn’t charge exorbitant fees and if the fees are high she takes payments.

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