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  1. Please avoid giving this vaccine to small dogs, the vaccine dosage is the same as what is given to larger dogs and small dogs just can't handle it. My 30lb Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) went into anaphylaxis hours after getting the vaccine and had I not stayed up late that night to notice her face swelling up like balloon and horribly labored breathing and took her to the emergency vet she may not have made it through the night.

  2. Thank you! If you have Facebook friends who own dogs please share this valuable information with them. Too many people leave their dogs outside, and I know their water doesn't get changed much. I shared to groups and my timeline.

  3. Thank you for your kind and brilliant tips, I tried the recipe for redness and grass allergies and unfortunately it didnt help because my Jack Russell sisters licked every bit off each other, so as a tip for all who have this issue, I have used Sudocrem which is used on babies bottoms to prevent nappy rash works a treat, it must be rubbed on morning and night and although it doesnt go away, it is the only product they dont lick. I refuse to get into the regular vet visits spiral and would not ever try corticosticords even short term, so Sudocrem is the most acceptable alternative for me.

  4. My dog had kidney failure symptoms within hours from the lepto vaccine and it cost me over $1,000, it shortened his life and I'm still really mad about it. It started out with him walking funny and then walking like he was really drunk and it just went downhill from there. The vet refused to acknowledge that it was from the vaccine but it was the only thing that we had done that day, No changes in activity or food It was the vaccine!

  5. They get from the animals urine. My dog walks around outdoors and licks everything. He gets leptospirosis vaccine yearly. Most of the time dogs with lepto are critical condition when they are diagnosed.

  6. Don't give this vax my 1st dog got cancer post injection. My next dog has only puppy core vaccines and age 6 now had 1/4 vial of rabies at 18 months because it is mandatory in our province. Will never be vaccinated only titred from here on in.

  7. Never, will I ever give this vaccine. As a vet tech I saw way to many reactions, some fatal. I live on a "farm" my dogs swim in and drink all manner of water from puddles, ponds, etc. We have all kinds of wildlife and have never had a problem.

  8. Another government bioweapon released during weather modification when it floods or in the chemtrails who knows. That means the vaccine is probably weaponized. Create disease then they have the solution

  9. This is why I like this channel. He explains about the disease, how dogs can be infected, treatment and vaccination. A lot of vets just asked me if I want a vaccine and never explained what the disease is about. If I don’t know about the disease, how can I decide if we should give a vaccine or not? Always appreciate your expertise from this channel!!

  10. My dog always seemed to find this vaccine hard on his system. He would be very lethargic for days. I stopped giving it to him even though we lived in the country. I also had to prevent him from drinking water outside because of that 😢

  11. I am always amazed how many people allow their dogs drink standing, stagnant water. There's a channel I follow surrounded by his dog and he lets his dog drink some of the worst water ever from anywhere there's water. I always leaves me so worried for that dog who is old.

  12. Thank you! My dog does not go to the dog parks (learned this from you) I would love to go, but I do not want him to need all the vaccine's. So we take walks, and thankfully, I have a yard so we can play! Thank you for all you do for us pet lovers!

  13. My Chi-mix lady is reacting to all the vaccines, and she felt worse from the vaccine to the next one. Fever, apathy, cramps in her belly. so i stopped to give her vaccines. She got even allergies. And my dogs don't have wounds, we nerver go to this kinda dog zones and we just meet people like " thinking before doing"- people and we love to learn everything which is important to know about our pets and even much much more. So i don't let my dogs drink from another water. Nowhere. It's always just our water with our bowls. So before we start walking, i give them to drink, and i take always water with us. One day i went to a huge shop in austria called "Fressnapf" they were lots of other dogs in there so when i went to pay, i haven't my eyes on one of my dog for a second. My lady started to drink from the bar from that shop for all of the dogs in there. So i stopped her. But it was too late, she got worms. So i had to go to the vet to get these pills. I've recognized it when she was eating a lot but she lost weight. And her anus itched, so she did the bum shuffeling. Now i'm making the worm test of 6 types before i'll give them pills against worms, etc. It is expensive, but these pills are really strong, and it is kinda poison too and chemicals, etc, so it's worth it doing these tests. 😮 never let'em drink from other waters

  14. GREAT INFO!!!!
    Thank you.

    As an owner of dobermans, I've found they can have issues with the vaccine…. the first one i got, with his first lepto shot, he got yuck in the eyes that constantly had gunk in the corners. Just before the 2nd shot, it finally cleared up…. and after the second lepto shot, it came back, was worse and his eyes became deep set, which happened after the second shot.

    So now with doberman puppies, i never give the lepto shot and suggest waiting to give it until after they turn a year….. IF they still want to give it.

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