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  1. Hi Dr Jones
    My dog Jake is 10 yrs old, He is 50/50 mix, lab / golden retriever
    He has dev unfort 4 lumps, v sm at base of neck at shoulder, and 1 on elbow joint area, front right leg, 1 on back leg/joint area. 3 completely covered w fur, soft, movable. 1 however on back leg, is void of fur, less movable, and occasionally
    needs cleaning and ointment
    Fine Needle biopsy on this one came back as "spindle cell" path, however, not enough cells to tell if benign or cancerous..Is it logical to assume if all other lumps are lipoma like , that this one is also lipoma and may just need use cone on my dog to let fur grow back over it & heal? Hes only licking the bare skin lump..it may be lick granuloma..Im thinking..Vet says spindle cell morphology is a worry, unfort…..I think a Clinical Pathologist needs to see "enough" cells to assess ratio of "spindle to epithelial"? ..if "all spindle" then it is cancerous?

  2. Thank you for providing such great information and lots of home remedies, instead of always going with the very unhealthy alternatives prescribed by main stream veterinarians, which are shortening our pets’ lifespan. My 9yo Golden retriever was recently diagnosed with? a rare poorly differentiated carcinoma, which may have started in the nose or sinus and has invaded the eye socket. I live in the Boston area and would appreciate your recommendations on best options of treatment and oncology unit. Radiation is very costly, but drug therapies are confusing, making it very difficult to make the best decision. Please provide any insight to help me through this process. Thank you 🙏

  3. Sudden LUMP on my cats leg
    Hey so my cat got vaccinated about a week and half ago and started limping two days later. I got her checked at the vet and they gave a pain relief medication. And she was doing really good since last day. BUT today i found this sudden lump on her leg kind of near the area she got vaccinated. The lump is small, soft, but a bit firm and a bit moveable. SHOULD I BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE LUMP? Please help me understand, im really terrified.

  4. 6 Days Ago I Noticed My Dog Got A Slight Bump On His Cheek It Has Grown Since Then. It Doesn't Move Under The Skin, It Moves With The Skin. It Feels Firm, It Doesnt Bleed Or Ooze. It's kind Of Red Or Pink. Any Ideas

  5. Thank you doc for your health tips. I have a GSD who have a small lumps in her breast. So quickly notice it. Its movable but hard. Should i worry about it.
    Also i have a beagle who have lumps also but its soft and the vet says its just fat.

  6. My dog had her lump drained 5 years ago at the vets office & the hill wasn’t cheap. You covered how to keep them from getting infected but how do you lance it? Someone suggested using Oragel to numb it & a sterilized razor to lance it…any suggestions on the procedure itself?

  7. This video was much needed. My Chihuahua has one of those fatty, movable lumps on his chest. Thank you sooo much for easing my mind Doctor Jones❣️

  8. Hi! Doctor. It's so great to found great people as your self that are helping all this poor animals that need people as your self with a tremendous blessing heart and I really appreciated your very humble teaching because with your assistance we can assist our own pets and other pets that are not our own pets but they need help like in my case that every time I have the opportunity to help a sick animal I do it with love and compassion even if I need to take them to the vet and some time visiting the vet is not ship so here at this point I thank you for been so human and please doctor never change because your good heart is helping this poor animal that they don't have doctors who can help them when they are in pain and your are that doctor that they need to cure their pain.
    Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great assistance and please taker yourself so all those sick animals can have a good doctor for a long time.
    MoRaul Tirado

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