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  1. Dirty you are obviously a time traveler and on every where cannabis related on the net possible in this timeline. Here's the thing highigan….I have been writing cannabis books a long time and you know what people say to me the most? "Can you give me an easy setup by step or recipe so I can just do those 12+ things and move on" marinate on that with your windflow sensor data

  2. Yeah this would be great if they actually made equipment which was affordable for the non-sponsered home growers out there. Probably cost them $10 to make these hubs etc and then feel because it's marketed towards the cannibus grower that it deserves to cost 50 times more then it should. So what? If you purchased the hub with all the attachments it would cost what $2000 + ?? Yeah that sounds like a wonderful deal. This comment is by no means a slam against your channel Highigan in general as I do appreciate you content, its just frustrating to see all these YouTubers push product after product like somehow this plant needs to be grown like it's some scientific research project. I can completly see how these products may be beneficial and truly may have there place in the commercial world, but they really are not needed for the everyday home grower if you have common sense. Again no haste towards your channel in general, just getting old seeing all these paid off sponsered youtubers which get these products 100% Free of charge push them onto people who know no better like somehow its the end all cure all. Again no hate highigan I truly mean that, its just getting irritating when each and every youtuber within this particular space which truly use to be enjoyable to watch, is all now just a paid off spokesperson for all these company's taking advantage of real homegrowers.

  3. Not for nothing but how about you really get your basics down cause every grow y'all have fpr some reason why it turned out bad but every grow your like oh look what's new that where using oh look what nutrients we switched to 🤷

  4. Predicted they would do this.. i know another small youtuber who grows with all thisntech aka cropsteering and sells it to guys like capulator… now this company basically copied his work heh. Its the future.. as a commercial grower.. we can automate crops now and trimmer robots using lasers with precision.. exist…and pickers exist.. and plant mover bots exist for watering.. its all automated now folks.. this is the future aka age of abundance.. i know ive seen them all, they exist for real.

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