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  1. My dog Teddy was diagnosed with this today. A severe case and they said its 50/50 whether he will come through. He's at the 24hr ER on IVs and meds right now.

    He's been on Prednisone for almost 4 months to deal with a brain tumor he had that we found out in late June. He had 5 days of stereotactic radiation for it and chemo once a month every month since then. Just had a MRI done of his brain in early Oct and it came back with amazing results.

    Hard to see him down and out again. But hes a picky eater and I was hiding his pills in turkey bacon and the night before he showed symptoms I used normal bacon too. Looks like I may have contributed to this.

    Hopefully he recovers but thank god for Pet Insurance. Lost another one of my dogs 2 months ago to Osteosarcoma, been a real lousy year.

  2. My dog has chronic pancreatitis. I switched to a lower fat food (part home made), enzymes for dogs and omega 3 oil. She hardly ever has episodes now. It's usually when a treat was too fatty or something that causes an issue.

  3. I was intrigued by the Metacam reference. Our boxer (11 1/2, on Metacam) began pacing & retreated to the basement last Xmas which we thought was triggered by being left alone for several hours…but she did have some salmon the day before. Blood work revealed a 300 lipase level. A few months later she had an 800 lipase level, but seems otherwise fine. Vet wanted to do u/s, but we didn't see the point as she would be quite stressed if held down on her back. Looking fwd to her 12th birthday, and I think I will look into those Omega 3 capsules.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that marrow bones like shank bones with that soft white center I think that is fat especially ham hocks which is a little more obvious never give those to your dog I lost my boxer to pancreatitis

  5. So would I want to avoid brushing my dogs teeth with coconut oil if my dog has had pancreatitis? I’ve always wanted to use it but always worried it would trigger it

  6. Thank you Dr Jones. My vet just gave my dog Metacam for sore joints. I stopped giving it to her. It makes her sick. I will not give her anymore. You are so amazing. My girl is 10 years old I want her to stay healthy. She is in good health now other than sore joints. You are our furbaby angel.

  7. Hi Dr. Jones, my dog, 3 yrs old maltipoo, throws up yellow liquid occasionally. What’s the best way/ test to find out the issue. I don’t feed him junk kibble. He eats homemade or freeze dried raw food. Sometimes we spoil him with cheese and puppy patties from in n out ( west coast ). Thanks for all you do ! 🐶❤️

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