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  1. If the SAQ really needs to be involved, then put an SAQ sales agent in charge of the retail end of the distillery. No agent, no sales. Otherwise, just liberalize it so the distilleries can sell on premises. Best-case scenario: get rid of the SAQ altogether. Australia has privately-run "bottle shops", aka liquor stores. Since they don't allow sales in grocery stores, the bottle shop is always conveniently located a few doors down from Woolies or Coles.

  2. Representing us french canadians, they had to pick two random guys that have stereotypical look, both sound and look like complete tools, and just overall look clueless… Great.

  3. Le gouvernement se fait une beurré de cash avec leurs vieilles lois de marde. Ils ont aucunement l'intention de changer ça…SAQ made a net profit of 1.021 billion dollars in 2014.

  4. 75% proof and then they say they drank 75% alcohol… ugh the cringe. I'm glad the people employed can speak cause otherwise there wouldn't be anything accurate except the guided tour with just the owner….

  5. Fun fact: in Canada it's illegal to import, posses, buy, sell or trade any part of a still for a purpose of making drinking alcohol without a federal license but it's completely legal to do the the same things for a purpose of producing "alternative fuel" from corn and other plant material.

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