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  1. Factz. When i was growin i had 20 pounds 2 myself after the market. I would have done the youtube b4 any 1 with the trees. Bros hated n told me who would wna watch u smoke n tell stories n travel. Look how many r out now. I would roll a 7 gram blunt or a raw. Then the cones hit. I was smokin half zip each time i seshed. Tolerence was wikced. U can only reach a limit then its jus wasteful.

  2. dope vid but give credit where it’s due 🤦‍♂️ TaeStayHigh first did this tube thing, accept he did it with a noodle tube for da pools and with carts 😭

  3. Your Videos are funny asf bro🔥 your laugh cracks me up. Contagious but your an awesome person. Love the things you do for people that smoke and needa break from life, Yunno? You should come out here to Arizona. And do a meet a greet here🤝🏻

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