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  1. If people think 80 to 100 for an eighth is expensive in Britain your correct i stay in Glasgow Scotland an i can get packs of cali for 40 50 pound tops i know people who pay 60 to 80 for the same stuff i can get i get it before it goes in to the packs but some people want the packs not realising its the same weed but each to there own. Merry Christmas everyone who reads this 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  2. Safran is literarlly one of the Hardest plant to harvest IT Takes hours to days top shelf Safran goes For 20 to 28 in retail a Gram it takes approx 460 handpicked threads each plant has 2 to 4 strings so you need 150 of them

    And now lets take weed takes 1 plant for a rough low yield of 30 to 70 g which can go for 30 a g sure you need light but you also have many plants stop saying that the prices are normal just because the whole Industry makes you think its fine

  3. Awesome video! QUESTION how do you get an invite to a coffeeshop there? Is it like in Spain where you sign up to be a member or is it strictly invite only? I'm coming there in the spring and I'd love to try a shop out.

  4. In germany you couldnt even release such videos without police busting you. Several german weedtubers got acutally inprisoned because police took their videos as evidence. Okay did an interview with a grower and he showed his plants in the video . They also busted the dude with the plants. So in germany police would use you as a connection to bust this secret shops.

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