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  1. Dont really understand why parents think that smoking weed will mess u up in school. My buddy smokes weed every single day and he makes better grades then me lmao

  2. im 14, dont smoke weed a lot but maybe 5 times a month my mom has caught me doing it behind her back and i have no idea on how to convince her that its not even that bad, she has been not letting me go out and kinda ruining my teen years lol. i have no idea on what to say or what to do but as of now im quitting and im currently going through withdraw, i have made the decision that i want to continue to smoke, but i dont want my mom freaking out. any suggestions?

  3. I want to tell my parents I have anxiety and tell them I want to try weed but I know for a fact they're gonna say I don't need it I can do something else why does it have to be weed or they're gonna say i don't even have anxiety

  4. I've been smoking because of my parents hating me, and treating me like shit. they found out and said they have plans to evict me at 18… so… 2 years to gtfo i guess. if anyone thinks that their parents wouldn't understand, its always worth a shot, rather than being evicted like me.

  5. if u are 25 years or older weed will not cause any damage to your body/brain. if you are younger than that you will have temporary damage to brain cells and brain lobs, but they will repair themselves once you are 25 years old. if you are 16 weed is just as harmful as if you were 3 years old. 25 is the age for it to be completely harmless. if you are younger dont worry, nothing bad will happen.

  6. I told my mom I was a strong supporter of cannabis when I was 18. 14 months later my dad and I smoked on the back porch. Slow and steady is a pretty good way to go as far as maintaining trust goes

  7. My parents are ignorant to facts and despite mt mom saying alcohol was more dangerous and should be illegal they still are super anti cannabis (my parents even buy me liquor i'm 18). I suffer from anxiety and depression and I think Cannabis can help but unfortunately here in Canada from what I read doctors can't prescribe it to anyone under 25 unless they already tried all the other pharmaceutical drugs. No thanks to our government for feeding young adults with highly additive and dangerous drugs when a light drug like cannabis can do the same job.

  8. When i got caught my dad sent me a picture of my stash when i was with my friends. I came home the next day and had a talk with them in which they were really cool with it. The day after that i ordered a bong and rig……

  9. I remember when my mom found out haha I came home from a sesh and I went straight to the fridge to make something to eat she looked at me and said "are you high" and on everything I looked at her and smiled and she slapped my wrist LITERALLY but she didn't really care…because she was doing the same thing haha

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